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*** As of July 2010, the Swiftsure crew has moved to a new ship: the USS Avalon. Please check the Avalon website for current information***

A Star Trek PBEM Role Playing Game

The year is 2385, the place is the outer Perseus arm of the galaxy. Cast away by fate, the USS Switsure has been reassigned to the Perseus Operation and set sail for new adventures.

The USS Swiftsure was one of the last Ambassador Class Starships to be commissioned at the Copernicus Lunar Shipyards. Her original mission was to act as a diplomatic courier and explorer. However, in her 20 years of service she and her crew have become proficient at changing with the times and her proud record continues to grow.

A veteran of numerous skirmishes and the Dominion War, the Swiftsure has proven herself a capable warhorse and in decades of peace an explorer, diplomat and adventurer.

I am Captain Podhigar and I welcome you to our ship. Please feel free to stroll about. I hope you enjoy your visit. Oh and don't forget to stop at O’Mally’s Tavern on Deck 16!

If you are interested in becoming a member of our crew, please click on the signature below.

Romanelle Podhigar

“From the end spring new beginnings” - Pliny the Elder


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