USS Swiftsure

Ambassador Class

NCC - 26543

“From the end spring new Beginnings”

Pliny the Elder

            Welcome to the USS Swiftsure, Starfleet registry NCC-26543.  The USS Swiftsure was commissioned on Stardate 36377 at the Copernicus Lunar Shipyards.  She is one of the last  Ambassador Class Starships to be commissioned.  Her original mission was to act as a diplomatic currier and explorer.  However the universe is constantly changing and in her 20 years of service she and her crew have become proficient at changing with the times.


            A veteran of numerous skirmishes and the Dominion War, the Swiftsure has proven herself a capable warhorse and in decades of peace a proven explorer, Diplomat and Adventurer.  Her crew has changed over the years but her proud record continues to grow as successive crews have taken her helm. New adventures await all who dare to step aboard the proud vessel named Swiftsure.


            I am Captain Paula Chapman and I welcome you to my ship.  Please feel free to stroll about.  I hope you enjoy your visit.  Oh and before I forget, if you find yourself in the neighborhood of O’Mally’s Tavern on Deck 16, stop in and belly up to the bar.


            If you are interested in becoming a member of my crew or commenting on the web site, please feel free to hail me.



Captain Paula Chapman





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