O’Mally’s Tavern and Hideaway Lounge

Deck Fifteen and Sixteen



Located on Deck 16 is the ship’s main lounge, O’Mally’s Tavern.  Here the crew can kick back and relax as rank holds no position here.  The Tavern Keeper is a jolly Irishman who holds the honorary rank of Ensign (he felt left out).  You won’t be there long before his red locks are heading your way to take your order and give you a fair dose of the “Blarney”.  If for some reason Darby is unable to be working in the Tavern an Emergency Bartender Hologram exits to take his place. The Hologram is the identical twin of the Irish Tavern Keeper and many a crewmember has been fooled by the doppleganger.  So pull up a chair and sit a while, enjoy the view and a warm pint of Guinness. 


The second floor of the Tavern on Deck 15 is known as O’Mally’s Hideaway Lounge.  It is usually reserved for senior officer’s or used as an informal meeting area.  A circular staircase connects the two levels allowing for easy access between them. 


Framed and protected by a Level 30 (at least that’s what he tells us!) Force field is O’Mally’s prize possession.  It is a tattered and faded emerald green flag that a distant ancestor carried into battle during The American Civil War in Earth’s 19th Century.

The flag is that of the 155th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment.  For more info on the 155th NYVI please visit: 155th NYVI History

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