Ships that bore the name Swiftsure



The first ship to bear the name Swiftsure was a Race-Built Galleon that was commissioned in 1543. 

This vessel served in the British Royal Navy and was part of the fleet that combated the famous Spanish Armada in 1588. 



The Fifth vessel to bear the name was a 74-gun ‘3rd Rate’ Ship of the Line.  This vessel served in the British Royal Navy as

part of Admiral Lord Nelson’s fleet and performed admirably at the Battles of the Nile and Trafalgar during the early 1800’s. 




The Seventh vessel to bear the name was a central turreted screw ship and was in service to the British Royal Navy from 1870 to 1908.




The Eighth vessel to bear the name.  This HMS Swiftsure was a pre-dreadnaught Swiftsure Class Battleship. She served the British

Royal Navy from 1903 – 1919 and was a veteran of World War One.




The Ninth vessel to carry the name was a Swiftsure Class Cruiser that served the Royal Navy from 1943 to 1962 and a was veteran of World War Two.




The Tenth Vessel to carry the name.  The HMS Swiftsure was the lead vessel in the Swiftsure SSN Fleet Class of Submarines. 

She served from 1971 to 1992. 



The Eleventh Vessel to carry the name was the USS Swiftsure NCC – 104, a Dadeulus Class Starship.  This vessel

served  as an early explorer for the fledgling Starfleet and was reported missing in action in the year 2175. 

The Twelfth vessel to bear the name is the current USS Swiftsure, NCC 26543. She has been serving the United Federation of

Planets since commissioning in the Earth Calendar year 2359.  She represents one of the last of the original production run

Ambassador Class vessels.  The current ship is a veteran of numerous skirmishes, the Klingon Conflict and the Dominion War. 

She is currently assigned to Starbase 285. 






Pictures are from various web captures and sites.