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*** As of July 2010, the Swiftsure crew has moved to a new ship: the USS Avalon. Please check the Avalon website for current information***


Major galactic arms Late in 2383, The USS Swiftsure was on her first assignment for Starbase 123 when a space anomaly related to the semi-collapse of the Ventresca wormhole tossed ship and crew in the outer Perseus arm of the galaxy. Stranded 50 000 light years from home, we came to share the fate of Carrier Group One, led by the USS Poseidon: although crew transfers are possible through the Translift, the ships cannot go home.

By the end of 2383, the Outer Perseus Operation was voted by the UFP Council and implemented by Starfleet. Starbase Dalan would provide logistics support from the Alpha Quadrant side of the wormhole.

Towards the end of 2384, the potent menace represented by the Xins was supplanted by a new one as the Kells took over part of the Xin forces and became a threat to the whole of Outer Perseus. Inspired by the example of the Federation, several major players in the OPA convened at a diplomatic meeting on Terra in order to form an alliance and defend against the Kells.

The initial members of the fledgling Alliance of Planets are the K'tans, the Delusian Empire, the Xins, the Heropu and United Terra, the latter hosting the Alliance's headquarters.

The Alliance of Planets has bestowed on the Federation a one hundred year lease on a sector encompassing a total 8 cubic light years of space, with the Ventresca wormhole at its center. The initial Beta Translift station has been dismantled to be replaced by the Starbase Perseus.

• General Mission Orders

The USS Swiftsure NCC 26543, Ambassador Class starship is to chart the Outer Perseus Arm (OPA), establish diplomatic contact with spacefaring civilizations and gather intelligence on potential threats.

Additionally, the USS Swiftsure will be required to defend Federation installations and citizens in the OPA as well as to act in support of Carrier Group One as and when needed.



ALL personnel transferring to the OPA is required to transit through SB Dalan.

Starbase Dalan
Starbase location and command
• Dalan Expanse, Alpha Quadrant
• Sector Commander & SB CO: Admiral Maximilian Kelly
Starbase mission orders
1.Provide continuous monitoring of the wormhole
2.Provide support for the Translift station
3.Provide support for Outer Perseus Operations
Basic specifications
.Type: Starbase manufacturing & support facility
.Diameter: 2 842 m - Height: 3 445 m (overall)
.Decks: 397
.Crew: 5 700 - Civilians: 4 000 - 6 000
Ships currently assigned to Starbase Dalan
• U.S.S. Houston - Galaxy Class - CO: Captain Sheila Guthrie
• U.S.S. Birmingham - Nova Class - CO: Captain Mark Addams


Ventresca Wormhole

A paramount fact about the wormhole is that it shrunk down to 3 meters in diameter. It is impossible to travel through it by "conventional" means (see Translift section).

The wormhole originates in the Alpha Quadrant, several days at high warp from the Antares Shipyards. Its end is situated some 50 000 LY away in the Beta Quadrant, in the outer Perseus arm of the galaxy.

Following its semi-collapse, space anomalies have occurred in areas of space where one suspects either ends once were (or will be) situated by dint of galactic drift.

Originally called the Perseus wormhole, it has been renamed after United Terra's first warp pilot. Major Ventresca sacrificed his life to reach it and obtain help for Terra.



Starbase Dalan"Imagine the Translift like a turbolift. The conduit of course is the wormhole. The lift system is the torsion effect that allows us to travel through and arrive timely rather than say, yesterday or next millenium. We use this process to piggyback our own matter stream.

"The matter stream is encoded within a bubble, the car, made of a highly cohesive form of energy present inside the wormhole. Once launched, it is guided to the wormhole by gravity forcefields. The bubble then travels along the wormhole as if it were native to it, until collected on the other side.

"The whole process takes a while longer. Impressions vary. I once tried one of the very first transporters for kicks, the feeling usually is much the same."

Dr Podkayne March, Physicist

Translift operations

Named after its creator, the Translift is composed at each end of a station facing the wormhole aperture from a distance and a series of mobile satellites crowning the aperture.

Starbase DalanAt each end of the wormhole, a dozen satellites are charged with capturing the energy bubbles upon emergence and redirecting them to the reception slot, and vice versa. Once in the OPA, the bubble is directed to the Translift installations hosted on Starbase Perseus.
Earlier, the Translift stations called respectively Alpha and Beta were separate facilities. By early 2385 each had been integrated into the design of their respective starbase.

Going through the Translift

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