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*** As of July 2010, the Swiftsure crew has moved to a new ship: the USS Avalon. Please check the Avalon website for current information***

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Starbase Perseus

Perseus Complex Late in 2384, the fledgling Alliance of Planets bestowed on the Federation a one hundred year lease on a sector encompassing a total 8 cubic light years of space, with the Ventresca wormhole at its center.

The initial Beta Translift station was dismantled to be replaced by the Perseus Complex, renamed Starbase Perseus upon completion.

The complext, seen right (click for a larger picture) was designed by Commander Nin Yen Ke to fit a triple set of requirements.

. At the top can be seen the Translift system and the communication array, both capable of swivelling independently (note that the Translift portion normally points to the wormhole).

. The central section holds normal operations and hosting facilities.

. The bottom section holds some docking and repair facilities.


• Perseus Complex Manifest
Commanding Officer (npc) Nin Yen Ke Sheem
Lt Commander
Executive Officer (npc) Scott Donnelly Human
Master Chief
Master Chief (npc) Ke'nar'ek Human
Federation Diplomat (npc) Sir Alan Alleyn Human
Vulcan Institute Scientist (npc) Sobel Vulcan


Starbase Dalan
Galactic maps
• Left: in red, the OPA location in the Milky Way
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Area maps

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Sector map with background information on OPA species

Species database (under construction)


Members of the Alliance of Planets

Most interesting among the races in the sector are the Ktans, a Felinoid species similar in appearance to Caitians. They range in height from 5' to 7'. The Ktans became allies of the Perseus Operation following timely help of their Science team at Belina IV by the USS Swiftsure (see mission logs: Nova).

The Ktan use cloaking devices regularly. Their military grade cloaks are near perfect - a Federation ship would have an extremely small chance at detecting one. They have standard warp drive and deflector shields and use disruptors that are very similar to the Romulan type. They possess heavy weapons systems that are more like a traditional `torpedo' system than the Federation style. These are slower but pack about the same punch as a Quantum Torpedo. They can also be evaded if done properly.

A few names: (met at Belina) Hespra, member of the Security Guild, female; Ligor, her brother, scientist; (at the Summit) Ambassador Pashta; Ambassador Forrargal, his wife Zybilla; Cassinda, Brojeck, Diplomatic Aides.


The Heropu are a space-based civilization of Traders from many different worlds. In the absence of a Federation and within their sphere of influence, they are one of the very few unifying forces in the sectors they cover.

A few names: (met at the Heropu Assembly) Hemlin, male, of the starship Heropu Pan, current Heropu Leader (met at the Summit) Urar'empu, female Pantu of the starship Os Amnur Et'h Ragan (really 3 annular ships assembled around the Amnur)

Terra is a twin Earth whose inhabitants are called Terrans. The planet is situated some 50 LY from the wormhole.
Although their development has undeniable similarities, Terrans only reached Warp capability some 50 years ago. The first flight was detected by the Xin who proceeded to exterminate the population. One thousand odd survivors remained in stasis while their only ship spent 50 years reaching the wormhole to send a distress signal. In their current state, Terrans are no longer considered a threat by the Xins. They are rebuilding their civilization with help from a Starfleet team supervised by Lt Cedric Thurtle, Historian.

Xins: They are mechanical beings, apparently fully sentient and operating on their own. Their goal is to avoid propagation of biological contimation by eradicating any species reaching space faring and warp capability. Most of them are androids. There are several Xin clans with sometimes divergences in means and purposes. One of the clans met and fought at Balina is the Xin Kolos.

The group of Xin responsible for the near genocide of Terra considers the Poseidon an "equal" and accepted to leave Terra to its surveillance, being understood that Terrans will not be allowed to propagate to other planets and star systems

Other Species


The Elosians are a long dead advanced race that inhabited many worlds in this region some 200,000 years ago. Legends speak of their ability to transform matter at will.

The Elosians may have evolved from a sea creature resembling an octopus. Many of the sculptures recovered have these humanoid figures with Octopi heads in them. Control surfaces look like they are supposed to be manipulated by beings with multiple appendages.

The Ktan believe that the Elosians left behind elements of their technology on purpose in "knowledge repositories", buildings with several outside doors closed by a lock asking the answer to a symbolic riddle - scientific, philosophic - to open. They were regarded as incredible teachers and scholars. A number of Elosian outposts are believed to exist.

Warning: In repository rooms entered by any means other than decoding the lock, the contents (databases) will more often than not disappear - unless it is the fact of entering the right code that summons up any item to be found.

A comprehensive database on the Outer Perseus Operation is under development at



Credits go to Kreg A. for pictures of Starbase Perseus and STELLAR MAPS visible through the Astrometrics section.