SCPO Derek Driscoll, Medical Corpsman [NPC]

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Place of Birth Earth, North America, Seattle



Date of Birth 2349



Marital Status Single


Brown, short

Eyes Grey


1m70 / 5' 7"

Weight 99 kg / 220 lbs

Skin Tone


Physique Strong build


Human average. Good physical condition.

Special Traits

Comes with a Sloth Monkey (pet) - see dedicated section


Father Thomas Driscoll, General (ret.), adoptive father

Sernior Chief Petty Officer


Personal Profile

Traits, Quirks

Slightly goofy, loves to prank others.



Reading, running, secretly writing a novel about his experiences.



None in particular



Practical kokes, games, being amonng people.



Cry babies, Ferengis, malicious behavior, cruelty



Not prone to panic. A solid reputation of keeping calm in an emergency situation.



Moody at times, night terrors brought on by his experiences in the Dominion War.



See Education section



Federation Standard


Personal History

Childhood and adolescence

Derek was found abandoned near a Starfleet base in Seattle, North America, Earth. No one knows who his parents were or why they left him there. Derek was raised by a Marine that found him. This Marine was General Thomas Driscoll, the eventual Governer of Deridous IV.


Starfleet - from Marine to Corpsman

A young man, Derek entered a series of military academies before enlisting into the Starfleet Marine Corps. Whilst he learned to shoot and kill he grew to loathe the violence inherent to the job. While he is not a pacifist by any means Derek prefers not to use a weapon unless he absolutely has to.

During the Dominion War Derek saw most of his platoon get killed or wounded. Derek did his best to save them but there were no survivors.

After being finished with Combat once and for all, Derek asked for reassignment to the Deridous IV colony then governed by Gen. Driscoll (ret.). There he transfered into the Naval ranks to become a Corpsman. Derek decided to mend the harm done by people rather then cause them. After a few years, he left with his intrepid Sloth Monkey Companion "Marty". [see section below]

Derek still awakes at night screaming as he dreams about what happened. He can be seen to rub his arms as if to wash off the blood that at times he feels still covers them.


SCPO Derek Driscoll was reassigned to the USS Swiftsure, to serve in the Perseus Arm Operation as Medical Corpsman.


Special Section

Sloth Monkeys

"Sloth Monkeys show signs of a rudimentary intelligence and a limited ability to use simple tools. They are extremely curious and have a tendancy to be constantly underfoot.

The creatures have never been observed to harm a colonist or Starfleet member, however they are fierce hunters and are the main predator of the Gi-Ants. They hunt in packs and are very coordinated. They use simple tactics despite using no apparent form of communication. Occasionally they will make chittering noises and when agitated they will scream and babble. The Universal Translator has so far been unable to make sense of the sounds and it is unlikely that there is coherent sense.

There is a theory that these creatures communicate telepathically, however no telepathic contact has been made by any race, be they Vulcan or Betazoid. In fact the Betazoids are unable to sense any emotions from them at all, a possible sign of mental shielding. Their motivations are unknown.

~ Lieutenant April Coonradt, Zeno-Biologist, Deridous Survey team (Report Summary)


Medical Profile

Medical/Pyshoclogical Report

Cleared for duty.

- Dr Martin Paulsen, CMO



Marine & Military Academies

Hand to Hand Basic training - Hand to Hand Expert training
Marine basic training - Marine Advanced Individual Training

Corpsman Advanced Combat Medicine - Trauma Field Surgery


Service Record


A variety of assignments as Enlisted, Marine Enlisted then (Naval) Medical Corpsman - Deridous IV colony



Assigned to the USS Swiftsure as Medical Corpsman - SCPO


Mission Ribbons

Mission Ribbon





Award Medal


Sixth Fleet
Order of Meritous Service
Dominion War Service
Sixth Fleet Cluster
- transfer -
Starfleet Star (2)
- transfer -
TF Barnes Award
- transfer -
Captain Star (2)
- transfer -
Act of Kindness (3)
- transfer -
Sixth Fleet Instructor
50 cadets Ribbon

Sixth Fleet
Senior Instructor Ribbon

Sixth Fleet
Instructor Ribbon


Swifture Awards