Lieutenant Commander Gordon, Executive Officer (XO)

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Gordon, a Benzite



Place of Birth Benzar



Date of Birth 2340



Marital Status Single



Eyes Grey


1m80 / 5' 10"

Weight 80 kg / 176 lbs

Skin Tone


Physique Average build


Hairless, with smooth blue-grey skin, prominent ridges rounding the side of the head (ears). The skull extends down above the mouth forming a wide nasal cleft, from which two small tentacle-like structures protrude just over the upper lip.

Special Traits

Use of breathing filters or apparatus. The name is pronounced Gore-don.

Lieutenant Commander


Mother Trelia
Father Mernon


Personal Profile

Traits, Quirks

Constantly displays a calm and low-key demeanor, tries always to stick to scientific facts in work conversations and craves efficiency, is always extremeley eager to please and strives to perform all tasks to absolute perfection.



Life is centered around work, keeps up to date on scientific journals and developments - particularly in quantum mechanics, physics, and biophysical chemistry; few hobbies include chess and abstract art.



To lead a science department and continually maximize efficiency, eventually would like to earn an administrative research position with Starfleet Academy.



Grilled Benzite silverfishes



Rambling conversations, arguments based solely on conjecture, operating without well thought out plans of action



Keen analytical mind, extremely thorough and dedicated scientist



Easily frustrated when forced to compromise thoroughness, mercury-based blood chemistry (breathes chlorine, exhales chloroform) requires the wearing of a breathing device in nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere.



Well trained in operation and maintenance of a vast array of scientific instrumentation.



Federation Standard, Benzite


Personal History

Early life

Gordon (pronunciation: Gore-Don) was born on the planet Benzar, in the same geostructure as the Benzite Mordock, known across academic circles for the famous chess strategy known as the Mordock maneuver. As many members of his community, his parents were both scientists. Much to their satisfaction, Gordon took to the work and followed in their scholarly pursuits. He excelled in his initial training, showing a passion and gift for logic and the scientific method. He excelled in his studies and graduated at the top of his class from the Gamma Centroidal Academy for Applied and Theoretical Sciences on Benzar.


Starfleet Academy

During the early stages of contact between the Benzite species and the Federation, Gordon's parents had managed a little interaction with some of the human ambassadorial contingents that visited the planet. They were confused by human culture, finding their relatively rapid yet complex decision making and negotaiation processes entirely inefficient and innaccurate, yet simultaneously seeing some advantage towards their successful development. These sentiments were passed on to Gordon.

After graduating from Starfleet academy, Gordon surprised his family by volunteering to join Starfleet. His parents could not understand his decision, failing to see why he would wish to surround himself by such impetuous tendencies. But Gordon felt that the scientific culture of Benzar was growing increasingly stagnant with a continued tendency towards isolationism. In the twenty years since his race had begun to interact with the human Starfleet organization, few had taken advantage of the opportunity to increase their cultural and scientific knowledgebase.

Starfleet Career

After graduating from the Academy, Gordon did a research stint as an Ensign at Deep Space-7. While he found the stationary nature of the station a bit disappointing, the experience was good overall. The time aboard the station helped him socialize and acclimate to Federation culture. With a promotion to Lt. junior grade Gordon was transferred to the USS Houston. This move proved very good for his career and interest. The mobility of the ship and the location on the edge of Federation space increased his exposure to new scientific phenomena.


With his interests peaked, Gordon soon earned a promotion to full Lieutenant. This paved the way for a new stage in his career, opening the doors to leadership and management roles. He eagerly embraced these new challenges, though his racial personality quirks proved to be somewhat of a hindrance at first - mostly as a result of others having difficulty adjusting to his eccentric idiosyncrencies. He rose to the position of ASCO on the Houston and received a good commendation from the CSO when the CSO position aboard the Swiftsure was reported open. Gordon found the position on the Swiftsure most intriguing, being located on the next "final frontier", and accepted as soon as it was available and communication could be completed with Captain Chapman-Stark.

In September 2384, Gordon became acting XO of the USS Swiftsure. A promotion to Lt Commander ensued in May 2385.


Medical Profile

Medical Report


Psychological Report




Gamma Centroidal Academy for Applied and Theoretical Sciences on Benzar


Service Record


Graduated Starfleet Academy as Ensign, Science Officer. Assigned to Deep Space 7.


Promoted to Lt Junior Grade. Reassigned to USS Houston, Science Officer. Promoted to ACSO.



Promoted to full Lieutenant. Reassigned to USS Swifture as Chief Science Officer.
Promoted to the position of (acting) XO on stardate 10809.01.



Promoted to Lieutenant Commander on stardate 10905.21.
Transfer to the USS Poseidon the same month, as acting XO under Cmdre Chapman.


Mission Ribbons

Mission Ribbon
What We Leave Behind
Mission Ribbon
Mission Ribbon
Mission Ribbon
Mission ribbon
Terror on Terra
Inherit The Stars


Order of Meritous Service

Decoration of Gallantry

Medal of Honour

Meritous Unit Citation

Sixth Fleet
Order of Meritous Service

Decoration of Gallantry

Medal of Honour

Sixth Fleet
Meritous Unit Citation


Swifture Awards

Service Ribbon

Post Ribbon


1 Year Service Ribbon

50 Posts Ribbon