Master Chief Petty Officer Ilmarinen, Boatswain [NPC]

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Place of Birth Saari, Kaleva



Date of Birth June 11, 2348



Marital Status Single



Eyes Grey


1m73 / 5' 8"

Weight 70 kg / 154 lbs

Skin Tone

White with slight iridescence





Special Traits

No vocal chords or ears - speech achieved through a Sampo (please refer to Kaleva section)



Mother Kantele, 64, musician
Father – Sima, 70, bartender
Sister Otava, 40, astronomer
Brother Otso, 37, zoologist


Personal Profile

Traits, Quirks

Goes off on multiple tangents when he gets excited about something


Tongo, and to a lesser degree, poker



To learn how to manage people better



Problem solving



Bureaucratic paperwork and red tape


Strengths / Special abilities

Very high visual-spatial intelligence. Quick thinker; can process information very efficiently



Not very athletic; not a born leader



Very handy with even the most basic of tools



Federation Standard


Personal History


Sima and Kantele (Kalevans do not use family surnames) met on the job. He was working the bar, she was performing on stage. Five years of courtship led to marriage and a very bohemian lifestyle. Ironically, all three children produced by the couple left that environment for far more structured professions in the sciences. Neither parent is all that distraught.


In Ilmarinen’s case, early education led to an initial attempt at the Tuone Professional School (also in Saari), which was quickly rejected when he realized that it was mostly about research and writing. One month in, he transferred to Vaino and took up systems operations, where he immediately felt at home. He particularly excelled at Emergency Management due to his acumen for seeing the ‘whole picture’ on very complicated issues very quickly. It was this type of large-scale, long-term thinking that drew him into games of high stakes such as tongo and poker which were popular on the campus.


Upon graduation, Ilmarinen served onboard a vessel in the Kalevan Merchant Marine, an enforcement arm of the Kalevan Trade Authority. He enjoyed the naval work, but found the missions limiting and repetitious. He then decided to expand his horizons and join Starfleet. Feeling a lack of leadership potential (which, really, was just laziness over paperwork and non-technical reports), he opted to apply to the Academy on the non-commission track.


Education & previous career

2360-64 Vaino Technical School in Saari (vocational secondary school)


Operations Crewman, Kalevan Merchant Marine, KMS Pohjola


Senior Operations Crewman, Kalevan Merchant Marine, KMS Karjala


Kalevan species


Kaleva is a modest Federation world in the Kalevalan system, positioned upon what has been called by humans the Northern Periphery, a line of systems greatly ‘above’ the galactic plane and (relatively) toward the edge of the galaxy itself. The unique astrophysical and geophysical properties of both world and system make it a favorite destination for Federation scientists of all types. However, it is the Kalevans themselves which are the most curious.

Born with no vocal chords and no ears, the Kalevans have no capability for natural speech, nor any way to hear it (although they can sense sound in other ways). As such, their social evolution began with sign language and then progressed to written communication. Several millennia later, both their sign and written languages have become exceedingly intricate and yet efficient. Kalevan literature and poetry are central to their cultural identity (in the same way that religion is central to Bajoran culture). Very few off-worlders have mastered all of the subtleties of Kalevan reading and writing. (By contrast, the Kalevans are able to take in great amounts of information quickly in other languages.)



Contact between the Federation and Kaleva was understandably difficult initially. However, technology has made the Kalevans able to bridge the gap in non-lingual communication.

All Kalevans over the age of 14 wear a “Sampo” (which look like ear muffs running around the back of the head) – a transceiving device that translates spoken words directly into the brain as visual images. In return, a vocal synthesizer ties in directly to a universal translator.
For safety reasons, the device cannot be hardwired to any kind of electronic or subspace device (such as a communicator badge). Having the Sampo installed is considered equivalent to “coming of age”. The Sampo is surgically embedded, although components may be removed for servicing or upgrades.


Medical Profile

Medical Report

Cleared for duty.

- Lt Cdr Martin Paulsen, C.M.O


Psychological Report

Ilmarinen is a quiet (even for his species), industrious individual. However, he sometimes recedes into taking on problems completely by himself. His peers and colleagues respect him, but he does not always utilize the personnel resources around him to their fullest. When he does delegate, he is often frustrated by others’ inability to reason in the way that he does. This is not unusual among Kalevans. However, it does represent something that might be a disadvantage for him as he is promoted to positions of greater responsibility.

– LtCdr Jouka Hainen, Starfleet Academy Medical


Service Record


Starfleet Academy, Advanced NCO course



Boatswain’s Mate, 3rd class, USS Wolfe



Boatswain’s Mate, 2nd class, USS Bishop



Boatswain’s Mate, 1st class, USS Bishop
Starfleet Achievement Medal with Star (2372)



Chief Boatswain’s Mate, USS Nunavik
Starfleet Commendation medal (2374)



Chief Boatswain, USS Nunavik
Combat Action medal & Dominion War Medal (2375)



Senior Chief Boatswain, USS Acadia
Starfleet E Ribbon (2376 & 2377) - Starfleet Achievement Medal with Star (2377)



Master Chief Boatswain, USS Acadia
Starfleet E Ribbon (2382 & 2384)



Master Chief Boatswain, USS Swiftsure, Sixth Fleet


Mission Ribbons


Mission ribbon




Inherit The Stars



Award Medal

Award Medal

Sixth Fleet
Order of Meritous Service

Sixth Fleet
Meritous Unit Citation

Dominion War Service Medal (transfer)


Swifture Awards