Commander Alejandro Esteban Mateo, Counsellor

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Place of Birth Earth, Spain, Majorca



Date of Birth October 31, 2340


41 (biological), 44 (official)

Marital Status Single



Eyes Brown


1m78 / 5' 10"

Weight 75 kg / 166 lbs

Skin Tone


Physique Athletic build, wears hair in short neatly wrapped ponytail


Small scar on his chin

Special Traits

His biological and official ages differ. See Service Records.


Mother Ximena Mateo
Father Pedro Jose Mateo
Sister Olivia Mateo
Sister Inez Mateo


Personal Profile

Traits, Quirks

Always cracks his knuckles before tackling a problem



Artifact hunting, rock climbing and classical guitar. Possesses ‘Tizona’ the sword of El Cid Campeador, A ’Shinobigatana’ belonging to Hattori Hanzo, Helm of Thenis; 12th century Andorian Warlord



He is living his ambitions right now.



Fencing, food, wine, and brunettes



Retreating, cheaters, energy weapons, dead Gagh



Honest, good listener, not quick to judge



His work can often cause him to forget to take care of himself



Xeno-Psychology, Xeno-Biology, Xeno-Archeology, Galactic History, Command Pilot, Starship Operations, Boxing, Personal Weapons Usage and Technology, Zero-G Operations, Archaic Weapons, Fencing, Sword-fighting, Equestrian



Federation Standard, Spanish, Klingon

Personal History

‘He attacks the world with unrelenting aggression…’ These words were written by Dr. Henri Blanchett in his psychological profile on then Lieutenant Alejandro Mateo. Mateo was born to restaurateurs Pedro and Ximena Mateo on the island of Majorca, Spain. He has two younger sisters Olivia and Inez that own and operate a custom Star Yacht Company, ‘En Avion’. Alejandro has always possessed wanderlust and a strong spirit of adventure. As a child he would create games of exploration with his friends, which included digging up his parents yard in the hopes of finding lost treasures. He always dreamed of joining Starfleet to follow in the footsteps of the great explorers like Captain James T. Kirk and Ambassador Spock of Vulcan.


As he entered his teen years he had a growing fascination with ancient weaponry and armor. Alejandro began fencing in school and received several ribbons of achievement in high school and then Starfleet Academy. He learned the art of sword fighting from Klingon Dahar Master Krivak becoming the old warrior’s finest student. In between his sophomore and junior years at the Academy, Alejandro competed in a Klingon Combat Tournament. He placed second becoming the only non-Klingon to ever participate in and ever place in a Combat Tournament.

His love of ancient arms took him into the world of archeology. Though his area of concentration was in the field of psychology, Alejandro excelled in his work in archeology. During his senior year at Starfleet Academy he began what would become an odyssey in his life. On a trip to Andor he came across the first clues to finding the Helm of Thenis. The helm belonged to the Andorian Warlord Thenis who was responsible for unifying the many factions of Andorian Society. It was said that the helm made Thenis nearly invincible in battle. The helm had been stolen when the Shrine of Thenis was looted during the last of Andor’s Civil Wars.

Over the next few years Alejandro tracked the helm, ultimately discovering that it had been buried on the one of Vulcan’s moons. The irony of this discovery was not lost on Alejandro who was fast becoming a student of galactic history. What better place to hide the helm than on the moon above your most hated enemy’s home world? Alejandro, along with his Academy mates Greg Hunter and T’Mor, traveled to the Vulcan moon on a daring adventure that ended with the recovery of the artifact. It remains in his possession to this day.

This was the first of many adventurous shore leaves for Alejandro. His first assignment was to Starfleet Medical on Earth where he had the opportunity to advance his studies in the fields of Xeno-Psychology and Xeno-Biology. Again his adventurous spirit put him on the trail of another artifact. This time it was the favored sword of the Japanese Tactician Hattori Hanzo. It along with many other artifacts was lost during the Eugenics War on Earth.

His search led him to India and the last secret stronghold of Khan Noonien Singh. His discovery of Khan’s trophy room led to the recovery a number of priceless artifacts. Two such artifacts remain in Alejandro’s possession, the sword Tizona and the Shinobigatana of Hattori Hanzo.

Alejandro served at the Beta Lankel Starbase in the Klingon Empire during the brief Klingon Civil War. He found himself in a difficult situation as friends fought on both sides of the conflict. It proved a harsh awakening for him as to the reality of war and the price it exacted.

He served on the Ambassador-class USS Yamaguchi during the Dominion War and saw much frontline action in its waning days. The Yamaguchi participated in three major battles including the decisive Battle of Chin’Toka. The psychological stress of the Dominion War was unlike anything Starfleet Medical had encountered before. As Ship’s Counselor he found himself with many patients that all had a high level of distrust for their shipmates. Many could not be sure if they were talking to a Changeling or not, even with the screening.

The end of the Dominion War brought Alejandro to his next assignment in the Starfleet Office of Internal Security. He became a Profiler assisting the office in criminal investigations within the Fleet. The work was hard as he encountered many deviant minds over the course of his service. One case in particular remained unsolved and haunts him to this day. A serial murderer that has a confirmed 25 murders to their credit. Alejandro has sworn to one-day aid in bringing this individual to justice.

Commander Mateo was transferred at his request to the starship Swiftsure as that proud vessel’s Counsellor. Only he knows the reason for his request.


Medical Profile

Medical/Psychological Report

Cleared for duty

- Lt Cdr Martin Paulsen, CMO
- Counsellor Charnin, Starfleet Medical




Standard Federation School Education
Fencing Team
Flight School
Klingon Fighting Academy
Starfleet Academy


Service Record


Ensign; Starfleet Medical, Advanced Studies



Lieutenant jg; Starbase 105, Klingon Medical Exchange Program



Lieutenant; Klingon Starbase at Beta Lankel, Advanced Studies



Lieutenant; USS Decatur, Asst. Counsellor



Lieutenant Commander; USS Yamaguchi, Ship’s Counsellor



Commander; Starfleet Officer of Internal Security, Profiler



Commander; USS Swiftsure, Ship’s Counsellor



The USS Swiftsure is reported missing with all hands early in 2380. The ship reappeared early in 2383 in orbit of Earth after a temporal jump of 3 years. **Details classified**



Transferred to the USS Poseidon NCC-89515 in May.


Mission Ribbons

Mission Ribbon
Mission Ribbon
    Terror on Terra
Mission Ribbon
Mission ribbon
Mission Ribbon

Mission Ribbon

Inherit The Stars
Full Moon

Dark Veil

Mission Ribbon

Mission Ribbon
Mission Ribbon
Mission Ribbon


The Hand Off

The Last God
A Matter of Time


Award Medal



Sixth Fleet
Order of Meritous Service
Cross of Distinction x2

Sixth Fleet
Meritous Unit Citation

Honour of Excellence



Joint Service Achievement Medal

6F Meritous Unit Citation

Cross of Distinction

Dominion War Service Medal



Command School Ribbon

Starfleet Star

Legion of Honour

Honour of Excellence


Posts of the Month


POTM x 5


Swifture Awards

Post Ribbon    Post Ribbon

Service Ribbon


125 Posts Ribbon

2 Year Service Ribbon