Lieutenant JG Tammin Romalis, Tactical Officer

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Betazoid - Human

Place of Birth SB 96, Denali Colony



Date of Birth May 12, 2354



Marital Status Single



Eyes Grey


1m78 / 5' 10"

Weight 78 kg / 172 lb

Skin Tone



Average height and build


Typical Betazoid shiny eyes, fairly handsome

Special Traits



Mother Jesaya Romalis (Betazoid), deceased
Father Aiden Simon (Human), Restaurant owner
Brother Andrew Romalis, C.M.O, Starbase 96

rank pip

Personal Profile

Traits, Quirks

Loner. Impatient and a bit paranoid. Still a bit jealous of his older brother.



Swimming, kickboxing, kayaking



To get his career back on track, to take down as many ‘dirtbags’ as he can.



Mexican food, physical training, peace and quiet.



Being lied to (and as an empath, he almost always knows), people who abuse their power.



Driven. Determined to succeed at whatever he sets his mind to, and does not give up easily.



Borderline obsessive. Can become so buried in his work that he has almost no social life. Empathic sense makes him vulnerable to psionic attacks. Cannot sense the emotions of some species, such as Ferengi.



Criminal Investigation, Security Systems, Starship Tactical systems



Federation Standard, Betazoid


Personal History

Childhood and adolescence

Tammin Romalis was born at Starbase 96, a ground facility located on Denali Colony. He and his brother Andy were raised there by loving parents.

When Tammin was five years old, the men of the Romalis family received word that Jesaya had been killed in action on a classified mission. It was a devastating blow to the family. While Aidan and Andy handled the loss relatively well, Tammin became withdrawn and bitter. He started getting in trouble at school, and frequently argued with his father and brother.


Starfleet career

As he grew older, Tammin learned to channel his anger into physical activities. He joined his school’s swim team, but often struggled to keep a balance with his grades. Tammin also developed an interest in law enforcement, and excelled in Criminal Justice courses at Starfleet Academy.

Tam began his career as a security officer on SB782 – one of hundreds patrolling the ournal-class station. He spent much of his free time investigating his mother’s death, but had very little success.

After nearly three years of patrol duty, he earned a slot in the base’s CID unit. Tam trained under an young Egyptian woman named Rani Shiraz, and the two eventually became close friends. Rani was understanding of Tam’s mission to solve his mother’s death, helping him out whenever she could.

Tam and Rani worked dozens of cases together, and quickly had the highest success rate in their unit. All that came to a crashing halt when they led a raid on a drug den belonging to a Nausicaan named Kelak. The Starfleet personnel walked into an ambush. A number of CID personnel and Marines were wounded, but Rani took a disruptor beam to the head. Although CID made several arrests, Kelak himself escaped.

Following the death of his partner, Tam found himself on leave pending counseling. Instead of keeping his appointments, Tam found the dingiest bar in the worst section of the station, and promptly fell into a bottle. During his binge, Tam stumbled across the informant who had led them to Kelak in the first place, a Bolian named Iggy. In a drunken rage, Tam attacked Iggy, beating him within an inch of his life. Fortunately, a passing Security team intervened.

Tam was reduced in rank to ensign, and sentenced to thirty days in the brig for assault. During his sentence, Tam learned that Iggy had been working under orders from Starfleet Intelligence. Kelak was one of SFI’s most valuable assets, and Iggy had been ordered to help him escape the CID raid. SFI’s plan had been for the CID team to arrive to an empty den, but Kelak had set the ambush of his own accord.

Now Kelak was at large, and Iggy had gone into hiding, refusing to cooperate with Federation authorities on any level. Under pressure from SFI, Tam’s CO dismissed him from CID. Rather than pushing for a dishonorable discharge, SFI agreed to allow Tam to transfer to a starship, where he would be serving under closer supervision.




Standard Federation education


Medical Profile

Medical Report

Cleared for active duty.
- Dr. Martin Paulsen, C.M.O

Psychological Report

Cleared for active duty.
- Counsellor Mateo Alejandro


Service Record


Starfleet Academy; Security and Tactical track



Graduates from Starfleet Academy as ensign. Assigned to SB 782 as a Security Officer.



Junior Investigator - Starfleet Criminal Investigation Division - SB 782 Field Office. Promoted to Ltjg.


Late 2383

Reduced in rank to Ensign and serves 30 days in the brig for assault. Dismissed from CID.



Reassigned to the USS Swiftsure, Sixth Fleet. Promoted back to Lt JG and made ACOS.
Transferred to Tactical at his request on stardate 10808.31



Mission Ribbons

Mission Ribbon
Mission Ribbon
    Terror on Terra
Mission Ribbon
Mission Ribbon
Full Moon

Dark Veil




Award Medal

Sixth Fleet
Order of Meritous Service
Cross of Distinction

Joint Service Achievement Medal

Sixth Fleet
Meritous Unit Citation


Swifture Awards





1 Year Service Ribbon

50 Posts Ribbon