Ship's Lounge - Perseus Café

Deck 15 and 16

Perseus Café

Early in 2385, the USS Swiftsure's main crew lounge came under new management. It was renovated and became the Perseus Café.

While the former two-deck layout was respected, it went from an Irish tavern feel (the O'Malley Tavern and Hideway Lounge) to a spacious, well-lit venue making much room for various plants, many of them gathered on the Vermillion planetoid during one of the Swiftsure's adventures.

Special emphasis has been put on lighting to achieve a natural daylight effect progressing through the Alpha and Beta shifts, without diminishing the always appreciated space scenery visible through the large viewport.

The bottom floor is more commonly used for drinks and light meals, provided at the bar or served at your table.

The upper floor is accessed through a winding staircase from the inferior deck. It is favoured as a restaurant but also provides some tables on the side for some added quiet and privacy.

A menu is available for each meal, that always comprises a choice of non replicated food and genuine cooking. Any other request can be accomodated by the kitchens' top notch replicators, programmed with the Chef's personalized recipes.

Special notices: The Café is closed for one afternoon mid-week on account of a Children's Tea-Time event ~ A selection of picnic baskets is available on advanced orders for holosuite outings ~ Special events are possible on arrangement with the manager.


Perseus Café Manager and Chef

Barbara Byrd


Barbara Byrd is the Café's manager as well as Chef. She enjoys mixing with people from different backgrounds and cultures and she has a real flair for turning foreign ingredients into tasty dishes, desserts or drinks!

Barbara was born on Moab IV. In 2366, the Human colony was discovered as a stellar core fragment headed for the planet. Contact with the Enterprise crewmembers, come to help rescue the dome from certain distruction, disrupted the 200 year old experience in social engineering. 20 colonists including young Barbara's parents left with the Federation starship.

Barbara is married to the ship's Barber, Jonathan Byrd. They have two children: Felicia Byrd, born in 2379 and Titus Byrd born in 2382.


The bar

Deck 15 - Lounge side

Bar close up view

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