Deck 1

Bridge layout

In the center of the Bridge sits the Captainís Chair (see further below), with a seat for the XO at its right and a mission advisor / visitor seat at its left.†

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Please note that this standard Galaxy bridge was adapted to fit an Ambassador class. The result is a slightly unusual configuration where the CO and XO Ready Room are located on Deck 2, with an emergency access.


Deck 1


In front of the Captainís Chair are the CONN and OPS stations.

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OPS Station

From the OPS Station the OPS Officer controls and manages the vessel's resources.†

The OPS Officer must constantly watch over the shipís energy grid; making sure that every departmentís needs are met while keeping enough power appropriately routed for the shipís primary mission.†

When the ship goes to an alert status other than green, it is the responsibility of the OPS Officer to ensure that all Defensive and Offensive weapons systems receive adequate power, in addition to life support and other vital ship systems.†

CONN Console layout

CONN Station

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The CONN Station, also known as Helm or Flight Control, is located in front of and to the right.† It is flanked to the left by the OPS Station.

The CONN Officer, also called the Helmsman or Flight Control Officer, pilots the ship through space from this station.† The computer performs the bulk of the work in regards to course maintenance and hazard avoidance, but the Helmsman must still oversee the process to ensure that all is well.†

When in battle the difference between victory and defeat can often be due to the actions of a quick fingered Helmsperson inputting evasive maneuvers.† The CONN Officer must also interact with Main Engineering, to deliver the appropriate engine performance when requested.†

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Tactical Station

Command chair - equipped with 2 L-Car control panels

Command Chair

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