Deck Eight



Located on Deck Eight is the ship’s sickbay.  The Chief Medical Officer’s Office sits in the center of the layout, allowing him or her easy access to the entire area.  The bottom right of the diagram shows the primary examination and treatment area.  The orange beds in the top of the diagram mark the acute care ward.  To the left of the acute care ward is an area for physical therapy and the entrance to the Intensive Care Unit.  The middle left of the photo shows the offices of the Head Nurse (far left) and the assistant Chief Medical Officer.  An Emergency Medical Hologram Program can be called upon in a Medical Emergency to assist the medical staff with patient care. 


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Intensive Care Unit (I.C.U)




When a crewmember or patient becomes critically ill they will be placed into the Intensive Care Unit.  The entrance is located off of sickbay near the acute care unit and rehab room.  A patient here receives around the clock one on one care by one of the staff nurses or doctors.  The unit contains more invasive medical equipment and monitoring devices such as the Direct Ventricular Assist Device or D-VAD. 



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