Executive Officerís Ready Room

Deck Two

XO Ready Room

Much Like the Captainís Ready Room, the Executive Officerís Ready Room is a combination office and meeting place.

When his duties do not require him to be on the bridge the Executive Officer can be found here going over reports, duty rosters, or catching up on messages from family.  The room includes a sonic shower, cot, shelving units and various other amenities.

Ship ribbons

The Executive Officer keeps track of crew service records and as such is able to award certain ship specific ribbons to crewmembers.

The following ribbons are specific to the USS Swiftsure.

Posting Ribbons

Service Ribbons

Posting ribbons are awarded every 25 posts (corresponding roughly to 6 months of posting as per minimal requirements).

Starting with the 100 posts ribbon, the 25, 50 or 75 ribbons are added as relevant until the 200 ribbon is reached, and so on.

25 posts†††† 25 Posts

50 posts†††† 50 Posts

75 posts†††† 75 Posts

To be compounded with:

100 posts†††† 100 Posts

200 posts†††† 200 Posts

300 posts†††† 300 Posts

400 posts†††† 400 Posts

500 posts†††† 500 Posts



Service ribbons are awarded for every 6 months of active service. In case of LOA, only months where at least one post of reasonable length and content has been sent will be taken into account.

Starting with the 1 year service ribbon, the 6 month ribbon is added as relevant until the 2 year service ribbon is reached, and so on.

6 months† †††6 Month Ribbon

To be compounded with:

1 year ribbon†††† 1 Year Ribbon

2 year ribbon†††† 2 Year Ribbon

3 year ribbon†††† 3 Year Ribbon

4 year ribbon†††† 4 Year Ribbon

Mission Ribbons

Post of the Month (POTM) Ribbons

Mission Ribbons are awarded to all crewmembers who took part in a particular mission.

All ribbons are displayed on the Logs page.

POTM ribbons are awarded to a crewmember that has written the Post of the Month as voted upon by their fellow crewmates.† Please note that the USS Swifture no longer uses the POTM award.

POTM 1†††† 1 POTM

POTM 2†††† 2 POTM

POTM 3†††† 3 POTM

POTM 4†††† 4 POTM

POTM 5†††† 5 POTM


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