Stellar Cartography & Astrometrics

Deck 11

Stellar Cartography

The Astrometrics section is equipped with a stellar cartography bay located on deck 11. All information is directed to the bridge and can be displayed on any console or the main viewscreen. The Chief Science Officer's office is located next to the Stellar Cartography bay.

Astrometrics works in close conjunction with Sensor Analysts assigned to long range and navigational sensors located behind the main deflector dish (decks 23 through 37).

The shipís Stellar Cartography and Astrometrics lab is used to plot courses through the galaxy and to study phenomena that occur in space.†

> See "Remote Sensing Systems" for details on sensor equipment

Astrometrics is a division of the shipís Science department. Its operation is overseen by the Chief Science Officer.†

Below are several maps covering the area of operations for the USS Swiftsure (and Carrier Group One), with a focus on locations explored.
> See our Swiftsure wiki for details on locations

A detailed UFP map is provided for general reference at the end of this section.

Special notice: Due to exceptional circumstances, the area of operations known as Perseus Operation is situated 50 000 LY from UFP territory, on the near galactic edge in the Outer Perseus Arm of the Milky Way.

> See "Perseus Operation" section for details.

Area of Operations of USS Swiftsure > Beta Quadrant > Outer Perseus Arm
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Milky Way galaxyOuter Perseus top map

United Federation of Planets > Detailed map
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Outer Perseus mapUFP map


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