Transporter Room


Main Transporter Room

The transporter allows for almost instantaneous movement of personnel and equipment up to a distance of 40 000 kilometers.† Each transporter room is staffed by a Transport Technician around the clock.† The technician is expected to maintain the transporterís systems and be ready at a momentís notice to use the system.†

The ship has 6 primary (6 pads) and auxiliary transporter rooms (3 pads) plus 4 emergency transporters ('send' only with a reduced range).

There are also 4 cargo transporters, one in each main cargo bay.

Main tranporter rooms are located on decks 5, 11 and 28.

Cargo bay transporters are located on decks 6, 7 and 10.


Transporter schematic
Main Transporter
Max Payload Mass: 800kg (1,763 lbs)
Max Range: 40,000 km
Max Beam Up/Out Rate: Approx. 100 persons per hour per Transporter

Cargo Transporter
Max Payload Mass: 500 metric tons. Standard operation is molecular resolution (Non-Lifeform)
Set for quantum (lifeform) resolution: 1 metric ton
Max Beam Up/Out Rate (Quantum Setting): Approx. 100 persons per hour per Transporter

Emergency Transporter
Max Range: 15,000 km (send only) [range depends on available power]
Max Beam Out Rate: 160 persons per hour per Transporter (560 persons per hour with 4 Emergency Transports)