Main Engineering

Deck Twenty-Eight




Located on Deck Twenty Eight is what many call the heart of any Starship, its engine room.  From here the Engineering staff control and monitor the ship’s warp core and other energy producing systems.  The warp core operates via a controlled matter/ant-matter reaction that is focused by a Dilithium crystal.  The Chief Engineer of the ship can be found here when on duty and usually when off-duty as well. 


The systems of the ship require constant attention and maintenance.  The table below shows the various diagnostic procedures preformed by the crew.








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Warp Velocity versus Power Usage



The chart at left shows the speed of light (left hand column), Warp Factor (Bottom) and Power Usage (Right). 







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Dilithium Crystal Chamber



As mentioned above a Dilithium Crystal is used to focus and control a reaction of Matter and Anti-Matter.  The ship’s warp velocity can be controlled by varying the rate of the reaction and by varying the placement of the crystal.  If the Crystal or energy streams get out of alignment a significant drop in efficiency can be experienced. 







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