Starbase 285



Starbase 285 is located in the Alpha Quadrant in a region of space that borders both Cardassian and Ferengi territories.  The station is in orbit around the planet Laeya III.  The planet Laeya III is an M-Class planet with a federation colony that is still rebuilding itself after the Dominion War.   Starbase 285 not only serves as a military outpost but as a location for trade and commerce.  As such merchants of many races and backgrounds come to the station to sell their wares.   


During the Dominion war the region saw heavy fighting and the Federation colony on Laeya III was nearly wiped out.   The original Starbase was destroyed in the fighting and the current one was towed into position on stardate 53258. The station is currently under the command of Admiral John Loren and has a small compliment of starships assigned to it.  


Ships operating in the region have been called upon to fight piracy, negotiate trade deals and diplomatic treaties.  In the wake of the Dominion War several of the ships conduct patrols into Cardassian space, helping to protect the rebuilding Government. 





Ships Currently Assigned to Starbase 285:


USS Aurora – NCC 71268                                                                                                         USS Vigilant – NCC 61576

Galaxy Class                                                                                                                            Nebula Class

Flagship of Admiral Loren                                                                                                       CO: CaptainTr’Rell Mo’ Bak

CO: Captain Jean-Henri Tredeux



USS Swiftsure – NCC 26543                                                                                                     USS Thomas Jackson - NCC 17155

Ambassador Class                                                                                                                   Excelsior Class Refit

CO: Captain Paula Chapman                                                                                                   CO: Captain John Woods



USS Decius – NCC 36480                                                                                                          USS Thessinger – NCC 63173  

Niagara Class                                                                                                                          Akira Class



USS James Madison – NCC 4231                                                                                             USS Furious – NCC 62381

Miranda Class                                                                                                                          Sabre Class



USS Constantine – NCC 42146                                                                                                 USS Harding – NCC 57372

Centaur Class                                                                                                                          Springfield Class

CO: Captain Bolex Jat




USS Hades – NCC 62599                                                                                                          USS Boston – NCC 57769

Sabre Class                                                                                                                             New Orleans Class





USS Lafayette  – NCC 28232                                                                                                    USS Musashi – NCC 72518

Excelsior Class                                                                                                                        Cheyenne Class









Station and Ship pictures from: ACTD - Advanced Starship Design Bureau | Federation Fleet

Planetary Image from: Sci-Fi