Commander Margaret Hayes

Name: Margaret “Maggie” Hayes

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 32

Date of Birth: 7 August 2346

Place of Birth: Raleigh, North Carolina, North American Continent, Earth

Position: Chief Engineer, USS Swiftsure

Rank: Commander

General Appearance: Athletic Feminine Build

Distinguishing Marks: “That’s not something a lady reveals”

Height: 5’ 7”

Weight: 135 Pounds

Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde

Eye Color: Green

Marital Status: Single

Family:  Howard Hayes (Father) – Farmer;  Jessica Hayes (Mother) – Farmer; Robert Hayes (Brother) – Lieutenant (USS Pacific, Engineer);
            Michael Hayes (Brother) - Farmer

Personality Characteristics:

Likes: Reading Engineering Journals, Puzzles

Dislikes: Not Having the right tools to complete a job, being looked down upon because of her gender

Strengths: Ability to see Engineering projects in her head, advanced mechanical ability

Limitations: Slightly Claustrophobic

Skills: Fixing things, Figuring out how things work

Ambitions: Running own Design Bureau for Starfleet

Quirks: Slight Claustrophobia, Likes older men, has occasional traces of Southern drawl and acts like a Southern Belle

Hobbies/Interests: Tinkers with small gadgets, Cooking, outdoor activities

Languages spoken: Federation Standard English, French


Primary: Completed Grade School 2364 with Honors

Starfleet Academy: Graduated 2368 with Highest Honors

Service Record:

2368: Graduates from Starfleet Academy and receives commission as Lieutenant (jg).  Assigned to USS Loghrin as Warp Core Specialist

2369:  Promotion to Lieutenant and Assistant Chief Engineer of USS Loghrin

2370: Transfer to USS Swiftsure as Assistant Chief Engineer

2373:  Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

2375:  Promoted to Chief Engineer

2379:  Promoted to Commander

Personal History:

            Margaret Hayes was born into the wealthy farming family of Howard and Jessica Hayes.  Something of a Tomboy, Maggie spent much of her early years learning to repair farm equipment and help out her brothers with the chores.  She showed a natural aptitude for all things mechanical and it was without hesitation that she signed up to become an Engineer upon her acceptance to Starfleet Academy. 
            She graduated with Highest Honors and received the rank of Lieutenant junior grade upon graduation.  This made things tough on Maggie as her crewmates were skeptical of her abilities at first.  The skeptics were quickly put aside when her natural talents to fix and mend all things mechanical shone through.
            Her fear of small places stems mainly, she believes, from an incident during her midshipman cruise.  Her classmates, playing a prank, sealed her into a Jeffries tube and refused to let her out.  It took her several years of counseling to overcome the fear, but even now she still experiences occasional flashbacks to the incident.
            It was Maggie’s skill that helped to keep the ship together during the Dominion War, and often what helped to keep the crew alive.  During the fighting Maggie could be found in the midst of the chaos, calmly directing repair teams and coming up with ideas to keep the ship together.  Her actions earned her a Medal of Valor and the Chief of Engineering position. 
            She is fiercely protective of the people in her department and the ship’s engines.  She has been known to argue fiercely with the Captain on occasions were she feels that he is abusing “her” engines.  She considers the ship almost as her own child and she is not afraid to argue the point.      


            Dominion War Service Medal

            Liberation of Betazed

            Battle of Cardassia

            Honour of Excellence

            Cross of Distinction

            Act of Kindness x 2

            Act of Distinction x2

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