Commander Bolex Jat

Name: Bolex Jat

Species: Bolian

Gender: Male

Age: 35 (Earth Years)

Date of Birth: July 24, 2344 (Earth Calendar)

Place of Birth: Kelan, Bole

Position: Executive Officer, USS Swiftsure

Rank: Commander

General Appearance: Heavy Athletic Build, Blue Skin

Distinguishing Marks: Small scar on left chest from bayonet wound

Height: 6’ 3”

Weight: 230 Pounds

Hair Color: None

Eye Color: Brown

Marital Status: Married

Family:  Aleska Jat (Wife) – Librarian; Govan Jat (son) – Age: 8 Earth Years; Marnix Jat (Father) – Tailor;
     Lila Jat (Mother) -  Seamsstress; Tyrus Jat (Brother) – Convicted Felon currently serving 7 year sentence on Bole

Personality Characteristics:

Likes: Professionalism, Attention to Detail

Dislikes: Ferengi, Laziness, Abusive people

Strengths: Physical Strength, Starship Tactics, Dominion Fleet Tactics Specialist

Limitations: Poor at Zero-G maneuvers, Extremely Stubborn

Skills: Time Management, Resource Allotment, Tactical Deployments, Fleet Tactics

Ambitions: Command own Starship

Quirks: Enjoys Earth Desserts (i.e. Ice Cream, Chocolate, Pies)

Hobbies/Interests: Horseback Riding, Weight Lifting/Training

Languages spoken: Federation Standard English, Bolian


Primary: Completed Primary School in 2362

Starfleet Academy: Graduated  in 2366

Service Record:

2366: Commissioned as Ensign after graduation from Starfleet Academy.  Posted to USS Wisconsin as Tactical Officer.

2367: Promotion to Lieutenant (jg)

2368: Promotion to Lieutenant

2369: Transfer to USS Ardent and assignment as Chief Tactical Officer

2370: Promotion to Lieutenant Commander

2371: Attends Command School.

2374: Assigned to USS Caldwell as Executive Officer

2375: Transfer to USS Swiftsure as Executive Officer

2377: Promotion to Commander

Personal History:

     Bolex grew up with very domineering and abusive father and an enabling mother.  He learned to deal with his frustration and anger by working out and lifting weights.  He also sought to leave home as early as possible and worked hard to obtain good grades.  His brother Tyrus was caught and later convicted of petit larceny when Bolex was graduating from grade school.  Although he had worked hard in school, his grades were average.  A friend of the family managed to obtain an appointment to Starfleet Academy for Bolex.  He remembers the day he received his acceptance letter as one of the happiest in his life. 
            It was during his academy years that he met Aleska Hydrax, a Bolian working under contract for the Academy Library.  The two quickly fell in love and married.  Aleska was eventually hired on full-time by the Library and continues to work and live in the vicinity along with Bolex’s pride and joy, his son Govan. 
            Upon graduation Bolex began what, at first, looked to be a less than stellar career.  The crew of the Wisconsin never truly accepted the Bolian and he was forced to keep to himself.  This did not prevent him from performing adequately while on duty, but the social shunning began to get to him.  He requested and received a transfer to the Ardent. 
            Aboard the Ardent life was better socially and Bolex caught the eye of the Captain.  Captain John Higbee took Bolex under his wing and the two became fast friends.  It was at Higbee’s insistence that Bolex attended command school.  His return to the Ardent was welcomed by many.  During a skirmish with Jem’Hadar fighters in early 2374, the Ardent was crippled and had to be abandoned. 
            Bolex did not wait long for a new assignment, as losses in the war continued to mount.  He was posted as Executive Officer to the USS Caldwell, an aging Excelsior Class vessel.  The Caldwell would see heavy action in the final months of the Dominion War, including the Battle for Cardassia.  Bolex quickly learned Dominion Fleet tactics and became indispensable to Captain Morgan. 
            An away mission to Dinallix Five almost ended Bolex career and life.  His away team was surprised by a group of Jem’Hadar warriors and Bolex received a near fatal bayonet wound to the chest.  If not for the quick actions of the ship’s doctor he would have died. 

When the hostilities came to an official end the Caldwell was due for retirement and Bolex was content to await Captain Morgan’s assignment of a new command.  Starfleet however had different plans.  Bolex was assigned as the Executive Officer of the Swiftsure and has served with distinction since.   


            Dominion War Service Medal

            Battle of Cardassia Medal

            Tango Fleet Naval Command School Ribbon

            Starfleet Star x 2

            Legion of Honour

            Honour of Excellence

            Act of Distinction x3 

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