Lieutenant Commander Thomas Lynch

Name: Thomas Rodger Lynch

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Date of Birth: 2 February, 2347

Place of Birth: Starbase 74

Position: Chief Science Officer, USS Swiftsure

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

General Appearance: Slight Athletic Build

Distinguishing Marks: Scar on Forehead from Childhood

Height: 5’ 8”

Weight: 165 Pounds

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Marital Status: Single

Family: Roger Lynch (Father) – Starfleet Officer (Captain, USS Roxwell); Adell Lynch (Mother) -  Grade School Teacher
     Rene Lynch (Sister) – Teacher; Michelle Lynch (Sister) - Ski Instructor

Personality Characteristics:

Likes: Women, Traveling, Socializing

Dislikes: Angry Husbands, high places

Strengths: Charming Personality, quick talker

Limitations: Fear of Heights

Skills: Has innate ability to charm others and talk his way out of almost any situation

Ambitions: To see everything there is to be seen

Quirks: Can’t refuse the opposite sex, gets manipulated easily

Hobbies/Interests: Travel, Women, Guitar

Languages spoken: Federation Standard English, Some Vulcan


Primary: Completed Grade School in 2365

College: Obtains Bachelors of Science in Astrophysics in 2369

Starfleet Academy: Graduated 2373

Service Record:

2373: Commissioned as Ensign after graduation from Starfleet Academy.  Posted to USS Swiftsure as Astrometrics Officer

2375: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade

2377: Made Assistant Chief Science Officer

2378: Promotion to Full Lieutenant

2379: Promotion to Lieutenant Commander and made Chief Science Officer

Personal History:

            Tom grew up living the life of the Starfleet Brat.  His father moved from post to post over the years and took the family with him.  Tom is the youngest of three and the only male.  He was basically home schooled, due to the frequent moves.  He never learned to settle down anywhere and as such sees himself as a traveler.
            A womanizer to the core Tom has learned to talk fast and run even quicker over the years.  He acts before he thinks when it comes to the opposite sex.  A pretty face and smile and Tom is in trouble.  His father got him an appointment to Starfleet Academy, in the hopes of keeping Tom out of trouble and teaching him discipline.
            Tom went along with the idea due to the prospect of seeing the universe.  He quickly gained the reputation of a ladies man at the Academy.  After making a pass at an Admiral’s daughter he found himself on the edge of expulsion.  Through some fast talking he managed to keep his spot at the Academy, but not without further problems.  Upon graduation, instead of being posted to a research vessel the Admiral in question had Tom posted to a ship that he knew would be at the center of any fighting that broke out on the Dominion border.  Tom feels lucky that he drew the Swiftsure, in that a good majority of his graduating class did not survive the war.

            His only true hobby is playing the Guitar which he has done since the age of 4.  In between shifts and at stressful times he uses it to relax.  At other times he has used the guitar to charm members of the opposite gender. 
            He received an Award of Merit for actions preformed in the line of duty while on an away mission.


            Dominion War Service Medal

            Liberation of Betazed

            Battle of Cardassia

            50 Posts

            2 Year Ribbon

           4 Posts of the Month

            Honor of Excellence

            Legion of Honor

            Captain’s Star

            Cross of Distinction

            Act of Distinction 

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