Marine Captain Charles Moss

Name: Charles Patrick Moss

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age (biological): 25
Age (official): 28

Date of Birth: 01 Nov. 2355

Place of Birth: Castlehayne, North Carolina, North American Continent, Earth

Position: Marine Detachment Commander

Rank: Marine Captain

General Appearance: Humanoid. Shorter with a large frame, muscular, skin is tanned and freckled

Distinguishing Marks: 1" diagonal scar running through left eyebrow

Height: 5’ 7”

Weight: 182 Pounds

Skin Tone: Caucasian

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Hazel

Marital Status: Single

Family: Sharon M. Moss (Mother); Walter W. Moss (Father);  Patrick C. Moss (Brother) – Deceased;
     Jeffrey R. Moss (Brother); Steven B. Moss (Brother)

Personality Characteristics:

Likes: Working out, poker, giving Tribbles to Klingons

Dislikes: Poor/sloppy tactical formations, whiners, Sickbay, being judged/evaluated

Strengths: Will pursue a project/mission to the end.  Good/bad/indifferent outcomes don’t matter, he will finish it.  Loyalty/fondness for his troops

Limitations: Sometimes misses finer details. Occasionally unable to restrain sarcastic comments, usually at the worst possible time


Ambitions: To have his exploits written about.  The thought of having a young cadet reading about his exploits 200 years from now, is his ultimate goal.

Quirks: Has an acerbic sense of humor

Hobbies/Interests: Reading military history, mountain biking, camping

Languages spoken: Federation Standard


Primary: Graduated # 348 of 426 from the Cape Fear Military Primary. 3.16 GPA

Starfleet Academy: Graduated in 2379

Service Record:

2379: Graduated Starfleet Academy, commissioned as 2nd Lt. Fleet Marine Force and assigned to USS Swiftsure. Promoted to 1st Lieutenant

2379: Promoted to Captain

2380-2382: The USS Swiftsure was reported missing with all hands early in 2380. The ship reappeared early in 2383 in orbit of Earth after a temporal jump of 3 years. **Details classified**

Personal History:

     Having been born 3 months after the death of his "namesake" oldest brother Charley has spent all his life hearing "you are our second chance", "you need to be more like Paddy", and "you have to live up to him." from his mother. Charley  was doomed to rebel. The military arms of the marines seem the perfect juxtaposition of the professional academics preferred by his mother and Steven, and the scientific fields chosen by his father and Jeff. Since choosing to attend the Cape Fear Military Primary, to Horror and dismay of his parents, Charley has striven to forge his own path. As reported from the dean of students at Cape Fear. “Charley has been an average student, and average cadet, with no real disciplinary problems, just a few misunderstood pranks. Charley has excelled at sand table problems, and proven to be very effective with platoon and company size units.  Balancing this out is the fact that many, many hours of tutoring were needed to give Charley the ability to pass physics and quantum mathematics. Charley was on the school soccer team for 4 years, it cannot be said that he was an outstanding player, but he is a solid team player that will be missed after graduation. Charley has been close friends with Cadet G.A. Roessel and Cadet R.J. Kantowski, teammates from the soccer team.” Contact with parents has been limited and non-existent with his brothers since leaving home.


             Medal of Honour - stardate 59908.7

             Citation of Valor

            “A Matter of Time” Mission Ribbon - stardate 60113.3

            “Debacle” Mission Ribbon - stardate 59908.7

            “Yesterday’s Swiftsure” Mission Ribbon

            “Strange Bedfellows” Mission Ribbon

            “Just the Artifacts Ma’am” Mission Ribbon

             75 Posts Ribbon

            24 Months Service Ribbon

             3 Posts of the Month Ribbon

            Tango Fleet Academy Distinguished Service Medal - transfer

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