Lieutenant Commander Daniel Nelson

Name: Daniel James Nelson

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Date of Birth: 2358

Place of Birth: USS Trammell/ Lists residence as Tarmon V

Position: Chief of Security, USS Swiftsure

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

General Appearance: Dark skinned; short, muscular build

Distinguishing Marks: None

Height: 5’ 8”

Weight: 210 Pounds

Skin Tone: Dark brown

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Marital Status: Single

Family: Lieutenant Commander Damon Nelson (Father) - Daystrom Institute; Lynette Nelson (Mother) – Deceased;

            Thomas Nelson (Uncle) – Resides on Tarmon V; Troy Nelson (Cousin) - Whereabouts unknown, wanted in seven systems;
            David Nelson (Cousin) - Incarcerated, Earth Penal Colony, New Zealand

Personality Characteristics:

Likes: Complex puzzles, Earth and Vulcan classical  music

Dislikes: Dishonesty, cruelty to others, chee’lash

Strengths: Sleight of hand, street smart, negotiation

Limitations: Somewhat cynical, maintains personal privacy

Skills: Hand to hand combat skills, lock picking and code breaking, interrogation

Ambitions: Career of law enforcement in Starfleet

Quirks: Does tai chi and basic Vulcan meditation techniques

Hobbies/Interests: Terran guitar, political works and detective novels, holodeck sims of 19th – 21st century law enforcement, archaic Earth games, magic tricks

Languages spoken: Federation Standard, some Klingon, Vulcan, Cardassian, Bajoran and Ferengi


Primary: Graduated Primary School

Starfleet Academy: Graduated 2379

Service Record:

2379: Graduates from Starfleet Academy and Commissioned as an Ensign.  Assigned to the USS Swiftsure as a Security Officer

2379: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and made Chief of Security aboard USS Swiftsure, Promoted to Lieutenant
2379: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

Personal History:

Born the only child to Damon and Lynette Nelson in 2358, Daniel spent his early years on various starships until the death of his mother during a border incident with the Cardassians in 2365.  The young Daniel then lived on Tarmon V with his uncle,  Thomas, and cousins Troy and David, who had reputations as “upwardly mobile” small time criminals. Daniel suffered mental and physical abuse at the hands of his family, and was forced to participate in their criminal endeavors.  Daniel retreated to detective novels,  magic tricks and puzzles to try to mentally escape his abuse. He was briefly reunited with his father in 2371 and lived with him until the Damon had to participate in the Dominion War.  Daniel was again left in the care of his uncle who by this time was forced into retirement from crime because poor money management and his ambitious sons.   Mellowed by retirement and possibly remorse for his pass deeds, Thomas began to show Daniel some compassion.  In 2374 Daniel agreed  to help his cousins’ business in order to help pay Thomas’ substantial debts. Troy and David had taken over their father’s business of supplying weapons, medical equipment and information to the insurgency group the Maquis. In 2375 Troy and Daniel participated in a weapons deal that went sour on Argrathi, where Daniel killed a man in self defense.  Daniel was captured by authorities while Troy escaped.  Daniel was acquitted of the murder charge (as was Troy) but was convicted of arms running and sentenced to an implant of seventeen years of custom made virtual imprisonment. Daniel returned  to Tarmon V with a new sense of purpose…he wanted to help people, and right wrongs. Daniel continued his formal education, which was woefully behind others his age.  He applied to Starfleet Academy where he accepted on a provisional billet when the cadet ahead of him became ill and could not attend the academy. 
Psychology Report Extracts, Commander Japheth Edwards, Starfleet Medical Corps:
Cadet Nelson is a human male with above average intelligence.  Cadet Nelson came to Starfleet Academy academically behind the other cadets; however, his virtual imprisonment of seventeen years gave him maturity and a strong work ethic beyond his years.  This socially separated him from his peers who did not have the luxury (or curse) of maturing many years over a matter of days.  The virtual imprisonment did leave emotional scars on Nelson.  Already a private, quiet child, the imprisonment made Daniel very wary about allowing someone to be close to him.  Although perfectly capable of normal social interaction it is difficult for him to share his inner feelings.  Cadet Nelson spoke to the Medical Corps about his child abuse and imprisonment only because it was required of him.  Apparently the Argrathians tailor a one’s own personal purgatory based upon extensive psychological testing.  In Cadet Nelson’s personal hell, he became
the ruthless successor to his uncle’s crime syndicate. He awakened from his imprisonment horrified of the atrocities that he had committed which, in his mind, were real.  It is clear that Cadet Nelson welcomes and can properly use respect, power and authority.  It seems natural that he would realize such things could be used to help others, i.e. a cop’s life in Starfleet security.  It is likely Cadet Nelson sees this as some sort of penance for his “virtual” behavior. The strict adherence to rules and regulations appeals to him, as if he thinks himself an out of control mobster who needs restraint.  Cadet Nelson will grow to be a fine officer when he learns to balance the good qualities and skills of the mobster and the cop.


            50 Posts Ribbon

            18 Month Service Ribbon

            4 Posts of the Month

            Cross of Distinction

           Honor of Excellence

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