Lieutenant Commander PíMoll

Name: PíMoll

Species: Vulcan

Gender: Female

Age: 50 (Earth Years)

Date of Birth: 2329 (Earth Year)

Place of Birth: Ral, Vulcan

Position: Chief Science Officer, USS Swiftsure

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

General Appearance: Average build, Close-cut hair, slight olive coloring to skin, appears half her actual age

Distinguishing Marks: Small birthmark behind left ear

Height: 5í 5Ē

Weight: 135 Pounds

Hair Color: Jet Black

Eye Color: Brown

Marital Status: Single

Family: Dulok (Father) Ė Diplomat,  TíMoll (Mother) Ė Scientist Ė Geologist, Ryvan (Brother) Ė Scientist Ė Warp Theory

Personality Characteristics:

Likes: Pursuit of Ultimate Logic

Dislikes: Emotion, Rashness

Strengths: Through attention to detail

Limitations: Perfectionist, Lack of Emotion 

Skills: Xenobiology, Astrophysics, Chemisty

Ambitions: Obtain ultimate enlightenment through Logic

Quirks: Seen as cold and unfriendly by others, Looks at all options before filing a report

Hobbies/Interests: Pursuit of Ultimate Logic, Meditation

Languages spoken: Federation Standard English, Vulcan


Primary: Completed Primary School in 2348

Vulcan Academy: Graduated in 2352

Starfleet Academy: Graduated in 2356

Service Record:

2356: Graduates from Starfleet Academy and receives commission as Ensign. Assigned to USS Edwards as Science Officer 

2358:  Promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade

2360:  Promoted to Assistant Chief Science Officer

2365:  Promoted to Lieutenant

2368:  Assigned to USS Swiftsure as Assistant Chief Science Officer

2372:  Promoted to Chief Science Officer

2375:  Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

Personal History:

††††††††††† PíMoll began life seeking the ultimate attainment of Logic.  A goal which she found hard to accomplish, for in her zeal to attain the knowledge she found herself illogical and full of emotion.  Her parents placed her into the Vulcan Academy in hopes that she would learn the discipline necessary to obtain her logical goals.  However upon graduation she found herself with more questions than answers as the ways of the Universe. 
††††††††††† A suggestion from her younger brother led her to
Star Fleet Academy, an appointment obtained by her diplomat father.  At the Academy she flourished in the classroom but when not in class could be found meditating in her room.  Upon graduation she was assigned to the USS Edwards. 
††††††††††† The Edwards was a deep space explorer and PíMoll was slow to adapt to the sometimes fast pace; her slow, methodic pace sometimes drawing the ire of the Captain.  As a result promotion and advancement came slow, but to PíMoll this meant little.  Her desire as always was an attainment of knowledge through logic. 
††††††††††† Her career in Star Fleet now spanning over 20 years, she finds herself aboard the USS Swiftsure.  Her methods are still slow and efficient, but her peers have grown to respect her slow calculating manner.  To an outsider looking at her career, one might say boring or uninspired, but to PíMoll the only importance is the pursuit of Logic and Reason though knowledge and experience.  Someday she hopes to return to Vulcan and complete her training.  


††††††††††† Dominion War Service Medal

††††††††††† Liberation of Betazed

††††††††††† Battle of Cardassia

††††††††††† Act of Kindness

††††††††††† Act of Distinction

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