Lieutenant Alexander Richardson

Name: Alexander Richardson (Formerly Known as Telar Nozir)

Species: El-Aurian

Gender: Male

Age: 415 Earth Years

Date of Birth: 1964 (Earth Calendar)

Place of Birth: El-Aur

Position: Chief Tactical Officer, USS Swiftsure

Rank: Lieutenant

General Appearance: Tall and Muscular

Distinguishing Marks: Large vertical scar on the right side of  the small of his back

Height: 6 4

Weight: 225 Pounds

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Blue/Green

Marital Status: Single

Family: Onar Nozir (Father) Senator of the El-Alurian Republic Deceased; Loylal Nozir (Mother) Xenobiologist Deceased;
Naur Nozir (Twin) Special Forces Operative Whereabouts unknown

Personality Characteristics:

Likes: Food, Working out, reading, holodeck time

Dislikes: Borg, Talaxians, pointless assignments

Strengths: Never gives up.  Strong in spirit and Self Confident

Limitations: Refuses to give up, over-confident, lack of patience with the Borg

Skills: Tinkerer, space combat tactics, interrogation

Ambitions: Get back at the Borg for destroying his home world

Quirks: Will not eat: Tomatoes, olives, pickles or mustard.  Has a Pug named Frank 

Hobbies/Interests: Target Practice, Long Vacations, Researching the Borg

Languages spoken: Federation Standard English, Klingon, El-Aurian, Romulan, Vulcan, Cardassian


Primary: El-Aurian Secondary Education 1978-1982 (Earth Calendar Years)

El-Aurian State Military Academy: (Major: Starship Combat/Military Law, Minor: Starship Engineering)

Starfleet Academy: Graduated in 2379

Service Record:

2379: Graduates and commissioned as Ensign of Ops USS Edison

2379: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade

2379: Promoted to Lieutenant

2379: Made Chief Operations Officer, USS Edison

2379: Transfers to USS Swiftsure as Assistant Chief Tactical Officer. Promoted shortly thereafter to Chief Tactical Officer

Personal History:

Alex was born in the earth year 1964 on the El-Aurian home world of El-Aur. His father was a senator in the republic, and his mother was a

xenobiologist. Alex led a privileged childhood, his father's political clout ensuring he had everything he ever wanted. He did exceptionally well in the private

school he was enrolled in, eventually doing well to get into the State Military Academy. Some suspected that his father got him there, as well, but his

excellent performance once enrolled proved otherwise.  He graduated in the year 1990, going into fleet service as a security/tactical officer aboard the fleets

flagship. However, nearly five years into his career, he was sucked into service with the fleet's Internal Affairs Bureau, due to his background in military law.

He operated within Fleet IAB for nearly 120 years, eventually rising to Assistant Director. At that time, he decided to retire and disappear for awhile. He wasn't

seen for another 150 years, but it was rumored he traveled to Gamma Quadrant and back. Upon his return, he began to work for the El-Aurian government

again, this time serving as a political advisor to the Intelligence Director, who reported directly to the President. He would remain in this capacity for four

years until he was sent off to Banean home world to function as an Ambassador. Not even a year into his

assignment, the unthinkable happened.
Alex received a scattered and garbled message from his parents, the only decipherable content being that his parents loved him, and that they

weren't sure where his brother was. Perplexed by this, Alex used the official government channels to call home. There was no response. It didn't take him

long to find out from news sources and word of mouth: His homeworld had been destroyed by the Borg. The entirety of the El-Aurian Republic lay in ruins, with

estimations putting survivors at around the range of 50,000 out of an original population of 8.5 billion.
Alex was enraged and destroyed emotionally at the same time. In the first couple of years following the attack in 2265, he found comfort in his hatred and desire or revenge. Despite being offered Asylum by nearly every Delta Quadrant race, he was able (through donations and relief funds for survivors) purchase a small starship for himself. He started off, following the wake of destruction left behind the Borg as they worked toward the Alpha Quadrant methodically. He became adept at fighting and killing Borg along the way, eventually finding his way to the depths of Beta Quadrant. That was also the end of the line for his wandering.
Alex encountered a Klingon patrol in the year 2293. Thinking him to be a human, they attacked without warning. His little ship was tough, surviving with severe damage long enough to make an escape. His ship puddled out immediately after escaping, leaving him floating derelict in space. His life

support systems were on the verge of collapse when his distress beacon was answered by the USS Excelsior, under the command of Captain Sulu, which was cataloging gaseous anomalies in the area. He stayed aboard for the duration of the Khitomer Crisis.
Alex relaxed and lived within the Federation for over 70 years until when the Borg were first encountered. Starfleet immediately came to his home,

asking him for his expertise from the times he spent fighting the Borg for 30 years. He began to work as a civilian contractor with Utopia Planetia Fleetyards on Mars.
Alex had originally stayed out of Starfleet during the Dominion War, feeling tired of conflict and war. However, due to the extreme losses taken by the

Federation, he decided in 2375 to join up, and hope that he could offer something to the place that gave him so much.


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