Gunnery Sergeant Piotr Ian Sobieski Jr

Name: Piotr Ian Sobieski Jr

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Date of Birth: 01 April 2349

Place of Birth: Gdynia, Poland, Western Europe, Earth

Position: Third Squad Leader, Marine Detachment, USS Swiftsure

Rank: Gunnery Sergeant

General Appearance: Athletic, muscular and mean
looking. Has head shaved and goatee.

Distinguishing Marks: Tattood Klingon pattern around
each upper harm.

Height: 1.7 m

Weight: 176 pounds

Hair Color: Dirty-Brown

Eye Color: Hazel-gray

Marital Status: Widowed

Family: Sergeant Major Piotr Ian Sobieski Sr (Ret) (Father) - Civilian Instructor Starfleet Academy;  

              Senior Chief Karen Sobieski  (Mother) - Senior Chief Corpsman, Copernicus Shipyards, Luna (Sol IIIa);
              Corporal Sally Sobieski (Wife) - Deceased (KIA aboard USS Royal Oak in 2374)

Personality Characteristics:

Likes: Spending time with friends, cooking, and playing pranks randomly

Dislikes: Egotistical Officers, Cardassians and anything representing the Dominion

Strengths: Cool under pressure and very even tempered, able to give any Vulcan a run for their money when on duty, loyal to the last while on assignment, and is mission driven

Limitations: May appear uncaring most often than not, especially while out in the field

Skills:  Regardless of his perceived uncaring, Sobieski is trusted by fellow marines.

Ambitions: To uphold the Sobieski tradition in the Marines

Quirks: Can show no emotion, and block telepaths

Hobbies/Interests: Cooking, physical training.

Languages spoken: Federation Standard, Polish and some Klingon


Starfleet Academy Enlisted Training School (Marine Ops Program) San Francisco, California: Graduated in 2366

Service Record:

2365: Enrolled in Starfleet Academy Enlisted Training School

2366: Graduated and placed in Alpha Company, IV Battalion of 1st Regiment with the rank of Private

2367: Promoted to Private First Class

2369: Promoted to Lance Corporal, and transferred to Special Forces School at Fort Javis, Mars

2369: Transferred to USS Yorktown Marine Detachment as sniper

2370: Promoted to Corporal

2371: Promoted to Sergeant

2372: Transferred to Starfleet Academy Enlisted Training School as drill instructor.

2373: Transferred to USS Meridian Marine Detachment as squad leader.

2373: Reassigned as USS Meridian Marine Detachment Platoon Sergeant

2374: Promoted to Staff Sergeant, and reassigned as USS Meridian Marine Detachment Acting First Sergeant

2375: Transferred to Bravo Company, I Battalion, 9th Regiment of the Cardassia Prime Occupation Force

2377: Transferred to Shuttle Operations School, Starfleet Academy

2378: Graduated from Shuttle Operations School with promotion to Gunnery Sergeant

2378: Assigned to USS Kirkwood Marine Detachment as shuttle pilot

2379: Transferred to USS Swiftsure Marine Detachment as First Sergeant/Shuttle Pilot

Personal History:

     Having come from a military family whose parents were career noncommissioned officers, young Piotr had fallen in love with everything the Federation armed forces stood for. Enough so that when he turned 16 Piotr enlisted into the Marines, much to his father's chagrined amusement. His years prior to the war with the Founders were average to satisfactory, with Piotr gradually rising to lance corporal and the Special Forces School in Fort Javis - where he then served aboard the USS Yorktown Marine Detachment as a recon sniper for three years.

During the three years as a recon sniper, Piotr developed quite a reputation within the Corps' covert forces and was quickly transferred over to the
Starfleet Academy Enlisted Training School; so as to instruct marine and security recruits.

Then the Dominion War broke out. Under orders from Starfleet Command, all active duty and reserve Federation Marines were to be assigned to all battleworthy Starfleet vessels in company sized formations. At which point, Piotr and 40 of his training recruits were assigned to the USS Meridian
Marine Detachment. Like the
Springfield, the Meridian was grouped along with a dozen other Starfleet vessels and instructed to patrol twenty light years of border between Federation and Cardassian space. All told, an entire battalion was aboard those ships. Only a quarter would make it back.

Every day for two years the
Meridian and her sister ships engaged in hostilities with Cardassian cruisers. With the nearest friendly ships almost six hours away and no ships in reserve, it seemed as if the Federation's mighty back had been broken. By the end of the first year, the battlegroup consisted of
thirteen ships, all damaged in some way, half of them Starfleet, the other half boarded Cardassian vessels.

Gaining much command experience while part of the taskforce, Piotr had wed a fellow marine. Unfortunately, his wife was killed in action nine
weeks later.

After the war Piotr asked for retraining, away from sniping but still within the Marines, and was transferred to the
Shuttle Operations School at
Starfleet Academy. Upon graduation, where his father was present to proudly hand his son a promotion to Gunnery Sergeant, Piotr was placed as a shuttle pilot within the USS Kirkwood Marine Detachment - where he served for several months before being transferred to the Swiftsure.


            Dominion War Service Medal

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