Lieutenant Sorel

Name: Sorel

Species: Vulcan

Gender: Male

Age: 123

Date of Birth: 22 March 2256 (Earth Calendar)

Place of Birth: Atlanta, Georgia, United States, North American Continent, Earth

Position: Chief Engineer, USS Swiftsure

Rank: Lieutenant

General Appearance: Humanoid. Slender build common to Vulcans

Distinguishing Marks: None aside from typical Vulcan features

Height: 6’ 3”

Weight: 195 Pounds

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Marital Status: Married

Family:  Suvel (Father) – attaché to Vulcan Ambassador on Earth;  T’Vel (Mother) – Professor of Structural Engineering at Vulcan Science Academy

                Velus (Sister) -  7 year old student; Deles (wife) - Starfleet Science Officer, killed in 2376 by renegade Klingons; Turel (son) – Starfleet Academy


Personality Characteristics:

Likes: Klingon History and Culture, Sociology, Engineering, Collecting various weapons, chess (both 3D and normal), classic literature of several planets.

Dislikes: It is illogical to dislike things

Strengths: Engineering skills, mathematics, ability to understand (although usually not effectively participate) in all manner of social discourse

Limitations: often overanalytical

Skills: Certified bridge officer, student (but not master) of Klingon Martial arts, certified diplomatic officer

Ambitions: To head the Advanced Starship Design Bureau

Quirks: Willing to eat meat (a recent development)


Languages spoken: Federation Standard English,  Vulcan, Old High Vulcan, Klingonese, Dominion Standard


Primary: Educated by his mother and father in the home setting, alternating between Earth (father) and Vulcan (mother)

College: B.A. in Sociology and Psychology from the University of Georgia on Earth, graduated June 2280;

Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology and Psychology from Louisiana State University, graduated June 2285

Starfleet Academy: Graduated in 2370 with majors in Starship Engineering and Diplomacy

Service Record:

2365: Accepted to Starfleet Academy

2370:  Commissioned as an Ensign after graduation, assigned to the USS Edison as an engineer

2372: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and assigned as head of warp field engineering on the USS Edison

2373:  Transferred to the USS Regallia, promoted to Assistant Chief Engineer

2373:  Temporary assignment as Chief Engineer, USS Equis

2373:  Transferred back to USS Regallia after the destruction of the Equis

2375:  Transferred to USS Majesty (Soveriegn Class) as Assistant Chief Engineer

2376:   Requests and is granted an extended leave of absence to attend to family business on Vulcan

2378:   Returns to Starfleet, assigned to Utopia Planitia as a theoretical warp field engineer

2379:   Promoted to Lieutenant and  transferred to USS Swiftsure and made Chief Engineer

Personal History:

            Sorel was born on Earth to his parents Suvel and T'Vel. Suvel serves in the Vulcan Embassy to earth, while T'Vel is a professor at the Vulcan Science Academy. Sorel's primary education was tended to by his parents as they traded him back and forth between Vulcan and Earth. Both parents thought it logical that Sorel be exposed to both Vulcan and alien influences during his youth.
Sorel eventually chose to enter the fields of sociology and psychology, choosing surprisingly to attend college on Earth rather than to return to Vulcan and enter the Vulcan SCience Academy (VSA). Sorel's opinion is that the VSA is too focused on finding the logical causes of things that are inherantly illogical. He felt he would be better served by professors with more in common with the subjects he would be studying.
Sorel continued on this career path for over 60 years, until the birth of his son, Turel. With his wife in Starfleet Sorel returned to Vulcan to raise his son. While there he served the Earth embassy to Vulcan, advising Earth's ambassador on how to best relate to Vulcans.
                           Once his son entered the VSA in 2365 at the age of 20,
Sorel enrolled in Starfleet Academy at the urging of his wife. She had found her life in Starfleet fulfilling, and Sorel was looking for a second career. While at the Academy his latent interest in Engineering was reawakened, and he studied it ferverently, while also taking time out to study diplomacy. The study of diplomacy was eased by the degrees that he had already earned.
Sorel served in various engineering capacities within the fleet until 2376. In January of that year Sorel took leave to visit his wife and satisfy the biological requirements of Pon Farr. Sorel visited Delus on her ship, but as they were answering the fires, the ship was attacked by renegade Klingons, unhappy with Martok's government. This attack tore through the shields of the USS Ellis, rupturing the hull in Delus's quarters. After the emergency force field blinked into existence, Sorel found that he was still alive, but debris from the explosion had killed his wife.
                          The fires of Pon far raged even hotter, driving
Sorel to seek vengence. He was able to overpower the Ellis's transporter chief and beam aboard the Klingon vessel that had attacked. Once aboard, he found the Captain of the ship dead, and the ship's second officer, B'Lar locked in combat with the first officer, G'Tok. It became clear from thier words that G'Tok had killed his Captain and initiated the attack on the Ellis. Sorel lunged into the action, ripping G'Tok's weapon from him and then slaughtering the XO in cold blood.
                         After the death, B'Lar was outraged that the Vulcan would intefere in the natural succession of command on her ship.
Sorel invoked the right of vengence, as his mate was killed aboard the Ellis by the Klingon attack. B'Lar found it curious that a Vulcan would claim that right, and that he was aware of that right. She learned far more about Vulcans that evening as she satisfied the fires of Sorel's Pon Far.
                         The following day when
Sorel returned to the Ellis, he was far to disturbed to interact with the crew. He was placed on medical leave by the Ellis's Chief Medical Officer, and returned to Vulcan. It turned out that the damage to Sorel's psyche was too deep for a simple two month sabatical to heal. Sorel requested an indefinate leave, and it was granted.
                        Two years later
Sorel returned to Starfleet, the damage to his mind mostly healed. He is currently searching to see if a child was concieved with B'Lar, although her family has been far less than helpful in revealing her whereabouts. They did however send him a gift. "Weapons fit for a true warrior," was inscribed in Klingonese on the packaging. Inside Sorel found a variety of Klingon weapons which are now on display in his quarters.

Psych/Medical report:

            Sorel has been cleared for duty by both Vulcan healers and Starfleet Medical. He still carries psychological scars from his ordeal, but they have been mostly dealt with. His emotional control is no longer what it once was, so expresions sometimes darken or lighten his features. It is a battle he fights with himself daily.
                            He is also eager to learn the fate of B'Lar. He has been unable to glean any information from either official channels, her family, or his father's sources at the Vulcan Embassy. He believes that he has a child with her, although a mixed Vulcan/Klingon child has been thought to be almost impossible. His leave time is always consumed with his searcha for her.


            Dominion War Service Medal

            Tango Fleet Naval Command School Ribbon

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