Petty Officer 2nd Class Timothy Watson

Name: Timothy “Tinker” Watson

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Date of Birth: 18 April 2356

Place of Birth: Winter Harbor, Maine

Position: Engineer’s Mate, USS Swiftsure

Rank: Petty Officer Second Class

General Appearance: Often covered in small nicks and scrapes, his hair always seems like it needs a cut, just a bit shaggy but within regulations.  Tinker’s black hair and dark eyes match with his skin to give him a Mediterranean appearance.

Distinguishing Marks: Has a small scar horizontally on his forehead above and between eyebrows.

Height: 5’ 8”

Weight: 202 Pounds

Hair Color: Black, shaggy and a bit curly

Eye Color: Hazel

Marital Status: Single

Family:  Anthony Marks Watson II (Father) - Commander (currently assigned to Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, Mars); Mary Woods Watson (Mother) - currently assigned to Ellsworth Fleet Academy Prep school

Personality Characteristics:

Likes: Taking things apart, puzzles, running cross-country and marathons, eating, honest people who are not afraid to express themselves

Dislikes: Putting things back together to discover they do not function, paperwork, over-aggressive or pushy people

Strengths: Very patient, takes orders well, team player, physically fit

Limitations: Tends to procrastinate when the issue is not vitally important, has a hard time sometimes prioritizing

Skills: Well versed in impulse engines of differing varieties, is currently studying warp theory and its applications in a semi-vacuum

Ambitions: Hopes to one day complete extension courses to be able to become an officer, despite his dislike for his father’s attitude

Quirks: Talks to himself and sometimes of himself in the third person

Hobbies/Interests: Building, welding, creating structures of metal & wood, mostly on the holodecks now as such supplies are coveted and not wasted openly

Languages spoken: Federation Standard English, Spanish


Primary: Graduated from Ellsworth High School a year late in 2375, studied at Ellsworth Mechanics Vocational School against his father’s wishes

Service Record:

2376: Enlisted in Starfleet mainly to spite his father, but also to serve the greater good

2377: After completing Engineering Basics and Advanced Engineer’s Mate courses is promoted to Crewman and assigned to the USS Towery

2379: Transferred to USS Mauney and promoted to Petty Officer Third Class, commences extension courses to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering through the University of Maine

2380:  Transfers to the USS Swiftsure as Engineer’s Mate Second Class

Personal History:

            Timothy’s father struggled growing up watching his father flounder in a job on Earth that left the family torn and moved them about from place to place almost yearly.  When Tony came of age, he went to a prep school for the Academy and while there met Mary Woods, who would marry just after graduating from the Academy.  Anthony Watson made a name for himself among the realm of the design and development once he finally got stationed aboard UPFY on Mars, and expected that the strings he could pull would help his son to become a fine officer too.  For his part, Timothy, or “Tinker” as his friends often called him as he spent hours after school and on weekends over at the Winter Harbor ship salvage, taking apart and rebuilding boilers and other assorted junked maritime and space vessels.  By the time he’d finished high school, his parents had officially divorced and his mother was teaching at the local Academy Prep school in Ellsworth.  Tinker spent summers in high school with his father on Mars, but longed to come home and spend time taking things apart rather than looking over plans and blueprints with his father.  Unsure how to tell his father that he did not want to become an officer or a designer right away, Tinker struggled through until he was 19 and done with school, a year late due to an expulsion for fighting with a classmate (to this day Tinker insists the classmate started the fight and he was merely defending himself).  Once he’d graduated, Tinker applied at the local Engineering and Mechanic School rather than to the University of Maine.  Anthony was outraged, all his plans for his son to surpass his own accomplishments were ruined, and to this day Tinker’s relationship with his father is strained and cold at best.



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