Commodore Matthew Wayne

Name: Matthew Jonathan Wayne

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 42

Date of Birth: 10 April 2337

Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts, North American Continent, Earth

Position: Commanding Officer, USS Swiftsure

Rank: Commodore

General Appearance: Humanoid. Moderate Athletic build, slowly developing widow’s peak hairline

Distinguishing Marks: Slightly larger than average nose

Height: 5’ 10”

Weight: 175 Pounds

Hair Color: Black with small streaks of gray

Eye Color: Brown

Marital Status: Single

Family: William Wayne (Father) – Deceased; Martha Wayne (Mother) – Deceased

     Brandon Wayne (Brother) – Lawyer; Lewis Wayne (Brother) - Professor of History at Harvard

Personality Characteristics:

Likes: Ancient Earth History, Antiques, Outdoor Activities

Dislikes: Starfleet Red Tape, Politics in General

Strengths: Innate sense to size up most situations

Limitations: Sees himself as career officer and life long bachelor

Skills: Acute Tactical Sense, Fleet Combat Operations, Negotiation and Diplomacy, Vast knowledge of Earth history

Ambitions: Has achieved his goal of commanding a starship

Quirks: Socially inept when it comes to the opposite sex

Hobbies/Interests: Studying Earth History, Hiking, Camping

Languages spoken: Federation Standard English


Primary: Graduated from Samuel Adams High School with honors in 2356

Starfleet Academy: Graduated with honors in 2361

Service Record:

2361: Graduates from Starfleet Academy and receives commission as Ensign.  Assigned to USS Hadrian as Helmsman

2362: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade

2363: Transferred  to USS Augusta

2364: Promoted to Lieutenant and Senior Conn Officer

2367: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and transferred to USS Swiftsure as Chief Conn and 3rd Officer

2373: Promotion to Commander and made 2nd Officer

2374: Made Executive Officer of USS Swiftsure, assumes command of USS Swiftsure upon death in combat of Captain T’Pov

2375: Receives promotion to Captain and officially given command of USS Swiftsure

2379: Receives promotion to Commodore

Personal History:

     Matt was born into a family of modest success. His father was a trial lawyer and his mother a housewife.  Matt was the middle child and as such developed a comedic personality to garner his parent’s attention.  Upon completion of grade school his father pushed Matt to follow in his footsteps and attend law school.  Matt though dreamed of exploration and won acceptance into Starfleet Academy. 
     His years at Starfleet Academy passed without excitement and four years later he graduated with honors.  His first posting to the Hadrian was dull, in his estimation.  The Hadrian conducted mostly border patrols and it was during this time that Matt’s talent for piloting a starship was first noticed.  During a skirmish Matt successfully piloted the ship at high speed through an asteroid field to escape pursuit. This action garnered him an award of merit and a promotion. 
     His transfer to the Augusta came as the Hadrian was decommissioned. Once again in the pilot’s seat he navigated the ship through several years and many voyages.  He received promotion to Lieutenant and was made senior Conn Officer.  It was during this time that his skill at diplomatic negotiation was discovered.  Matt successfully negotiated the release of his away team during a hostage crisis on Telak 6.  He received another Award of Merit for this action.
     Transferring to the USS Swiftsure in 2367 he received promotion to Lieutenant Commander and Chief Conn Officer.  Under the tutelage of Captain Innis, Matt matured as a command officer and was soon named as 3rd officer.  Matt adored Captain Innis style of command and was saddened by Innis’s promotion to Admiral and his subsequent leaving of the ship. 
     The outbreak of the Dominion War led to many hardships and sufferings. The Swiftsure was battered from one side of the sector to the next but survived, due in part to Matt’s skill at the Conn.  In 2373 Captain Potavich was killed during a battle with Jem’Hadar fighters.  Matt received a battlefield promotion to Commander and acting 2nd Officer.  These were dark times for Matt as he grew cynical at his chances of survival.  The Dominion war raged on and in 2374, during the liberation of Betazed, battle claimed the life of the ship’s 1st Officer and Captain.  Matt quickly received promotion to acting Captain.  Due to a lack of skilled replacements Matt was left in command of the Swiftsure until the conclusion of the Dominion war, were he officially received promotion to the rank of Captain and command of the Swiftsure. 
     Since then he has led the ship on all of its various missions. 


            Dominion War Service Medal

            Liberation of Betazed

            Battle of Cardassia

            Tango Fleet Naval Command School Ribbon

            “Beginnings” Mission Ribbon

            “Brother Vs. Brother” Mission Ribbon

            “Gilligan’s Colony” Mission Ribbon

            “Just the Artifacts Ma’am” Mission Ribbon

            “Strange Bedfellows” Mission Ribbon

            “Yesterday’s Swiftsure” Mission Ribbon

            “Debacle”  Mission Ribbon

           200 Posts Ribbon

            2 Year Ribbon

           2 Posts of the Month

            Starfleet Star

            Medal of Honor

            Honor of Excellence

            Captain’s Star  x 2

            Act of Distinction x4

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