Commander Daren Wilde

Name: Daren James Wilde

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 38

Date of Birth: July 24, 2340

Place of Birth: Helendale, Utah

Position: Executive Officer, USS Swiftsure

Rank: Commander

General Appearance: Slim Build, Lanky

Distinguishing Marks: Mole on Left Side of Neck

Height: 6’ 2”

Weight: 195 Pounds

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Marital Status: Divorced

Family:  Ramona Wilde (Wife - Divorced) – Administrator; George (son) – Age: 13; Frederick Wilde(Father) –Golf Course Superintendent;
    Georgia Wilde (Mother) -  Deceased; Henry Wilde (Brother) – Deceased, Killed in Dominion War;

    Matthew Wilde (Brother) – Deceased, Killed in Dominion War

Personality Characteristics:

Likes: Military Service, Professionalism, Politics

Dislikes: Lax Discipline, Dominion Races

Strengths: Personal Skills, Quick Decision Making

Limitations: Stubborn, Lack of Foresight

Skills: Starfleet Tactics, Starfleet Regulations, Neogiations

Ambitions: Sector or Fleet Command

Quirks: Has a slight mouth tic when agitated, can’t play poker because of it

Hobbies/Interests: Golf, Bass, Reading ancient Earth Mystery Novels

Languages spoken: Federation Standard English


Primary: Completed High School in 2358

Starfleet Academy: Graduated  in 2362 in top 15% of class

Service Record:

2362: Commissioned as Ensign after graduation from Starfleet Academy.  Posted to USS Talbot as Operations Officer.

2366: Promotion to Lieutenant (jg)

2368: Promotion to Lieutenant

2369: Transfer to USS Viscount and assigned as Assistant Chief of Operations

2371: Promotion to Lieutenant Commander

2373: Attends Command School.

2374: Assigned to USS Frederick the Great as Chief of Operations

2375: Promotion to Commander

2377: Assigned to USS Neptune as Executive Officer

2379: Assigned to USS Swiftsure as Executive Officer

Personal History:

     Daren was the third child of three born to Frederick and Georgia Wilde.  His childhood was uneventful for a boy growing up in the countryside of Utah.  His father managed a golf course at a nearby resort and spa while his mother worked in the course’s clubhouse.  His two older brothers joined Starfleet upon their graduation from Helendale High School.  His parents tried to keep Daren at home by involving him in the daily activities of the golf course, but the messages and stories sent home by his older siblings lured him into following them into Starfleet.  He applied and was accepted to the academy upon graduation from High School and left the quiet back country neighborhood for the stars. 
                    While at the academy he caught the attention of several instructors and made friendships that would last for a lifetime.  An incident with an angry professor nearly got him expelled, but the patronage of several other instructors kept him at the Academy.  The professor accused him of cheating on an exam, but after much study it was later proven that the charges were unfounded.  Other than that incident Daren’s Academy life passed without incident. 
                    Upon graduation Daren was posted as an Operations officer to the survey ship USS Talbot.  The Talbot took him to places he’d only dreamed about and he enjoyed his initial posting.  On a mission to study a binary star cluster the Talbot was severely damaged by a freak radiation burst, that killed half of the crew.  With its engineering department in tatters the Talbot limped back to port only to be decommissioned upon arrival.  Daren, along with the rest of the crew, was transferred to other assignments.  He was the only one of the crew that was transferred to the USS Viscount, a newly commissioned Nebula class. 
                   The Viscount was a new experience altogether for Daren, its sheer size dwarfed that of the Talbot and his quarters seemed like living in luxury.  His posting as the ship’s Assistant Chief of Operations proved a challenge for him, one which he seized with both hands and never let go.  In his off hours he would spend his free time going over every manual and operational plan for the ship.  The Captain and First Officer took notice and recommended him for
Command School.  When news of his acceptance arrived he was loathe to leave his ship, but accepted the chance for further responsibility.  Command School was a struggle as Daren had problems with confrontation and putting others in a position that might get them killed.  His classes were accelerated when war broke out with the Dominion and he found himself a new graduate. 
                   After graduation he was assigned to the USS Frederick the Great as its Chief Operations Officer.  The ship was immediately put into the line and he got his first taste of combat.  As the war progressed and morale dropped Daren did his best to keep his departmental officer’s spirits high.  This was accomplished in a variety of methods, from scheduling extra time in the holodecks to redistributing roster assignments.  During the Dominion War the Frederick the Great partook in the liberal of Betazed and was in the first wave of attackers at the Battle of Cardassia.  The ‘Fred’, as her crew called her, was badly battered by the Dominion ships and defensive platforms.  With most of its systems offline or failing the Captain ordered all hands to abandon ship.  The few that managed to escape the ship’s destruction were picked up by another Starfleet vessel.  It wasn’t until after the battle that he learned that the two ships on which his brothers served had both been destroyed in the battle.  The loss was difficult for him to handle. 
                   The orders for his new assignment were not long in the offing and he found himself as the new Executive officer of the USS Neptune, an Excelsior Class Refit that was still undergoing repairs from the Battle of Cardassia.  He took to the new assignment with the same enthusiasm as the rest of his assignments.  After nearly six months of being stuck in the Space Dock orbiting Mars the
Neptune put back to space.  If ever there had been a position that he was made for this was it.  The Neptune patrolled the Romulan border for a year and then headed back towards Earth for some Rest and Relaxation for its crew.  Upon their arrival at Earth Daren learned of his transfer to the USS Swiftsure.  The name was familiar, his former assignments having fought with the ship in the Dominion War.  He looks forward to his new assignment and to joining a ship with a storied history.    


            Dominion War Service Medal

            Battle of Cardassia Medal

              Liberation of Betazed Medal

            Tango Fleet Naval Command School Ribbon

            150 Posts Ribbon

           18 Month Service Ribbon

           1 Post of the Month

               Admiral’s Distinguished Service Order

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