1st Lieutenant Edward Limmer

Name: Edward Cody Limmer

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Date of Birth: 30 October 2353

Place of Birth: Colfax, Washington, North American Continent, Earth

Position: Assistant Marine Detachment Commander

Rank: First Lieutenant

General Appearance: Athletic with a medium build, Square Shoulders, Well Muscled Upper Torso, Tends to Slouch

Distinguishing Marks: Federation Marine Corps tattoo on left upper bicep

Height: 5 10

Weight: 180 Pounds

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Marital Status: Single

Family: Julie Limmer (Mother) - Actuary with United Washington Financial Consortium;

Daniel Limmer (Father) Colonel, Federation Marine Corps, CO IV Battalion;

Eugene Limmer (Brother) First Lieutenant, Federation Marine Corps, Deceased (KIA)

Personality Characteristics:

Likes: Addicted to spicy food

Dislikes: Micromanagement. Security officers that try to act like soldiers. Starfleet officers in general that believe the Marines are the subservient military.

Strengths: Good command presence, maintains combat discipline under fire, willingness to sacrifice. Can delegate well

Limitations: Poor Student. Difficulty with abstract concepts, especially mathematics and physics. Only barely qualified to operate Starfleet equipment

Skills: Sharpshooter-rated, multi-environmental combat, boarding actions

Ambitions: He doesn't like thinking about the future

Quirks: He sometimes has conflicts with Starfleet officers, who he views as drivers for the Marines

Hobbies/Interests: He plays basketball competitively

Languages spoken: Federation Standard


Primary: Graduated Colfax County Unified School District in 2368

Starfleet Academy: Graduated in 2379 from Officer Training School

Service Record:

2368: Enlists in Starfleet Marine Corps, attends Basic Training at Marine Academy

2369: Completes Advanced Training at Fort Pendleton

2370: Posted to Fort Jarvis, Mars, Sol Sector as a Rifleman

2373: Transferred to USS Springfield as a Fire Team Leader and Promoted to Corporal

2373: Transferred to USS Bastogne as a Squad Leader and Promoted to Sargeant

2375: Promoted to Master Sargeant and made Platoon NCO Assistant

2376: Sent to Starfleet Academy for Officer Training

2379: Commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant upon graduation from Starfleet Academy and assigned to USS Swiftsure as Assistant Marine Detachment CO

2379: Promoted to 1st Lieutenant

Personal History:

For a very long time, "Eddie Limmer" and "basketball" were considered synonymous. Sure, he wasn't so hot with the textbooks, but who needs book smarts when you're voted the all-district MVP three years in a row. Edward Limmer was the black sheep of the otherwise pristine, disciplined military family; his father was a career soldier, his brother perfectly suited for an eventual commission from Marine Academy. Perhaps it was the expectation that he would succeed academically that ruined him from the beginning.

Either way, by the time he graduated high school, he was considered a player in all terms of the word. With his third championship ring and veritable brothel of women on his mind, he was a shoe-in for the professional league draft.

Unfortunately, his father had other plans. Then a captain with Charlie Company, III Battalion, 1st Regiment (dubbed Earth's army), he refused to sign the commitment papers. He was deeply concerned for his son's lackaidasical attitude toward education; instead, he encouraged his son to enlist in the infantry arm of the Marine Corps with the hopes that armed service will instill in him some semblance of discipline and honor. With college impossible and the draft out of the picture, he begrudgingly agreed to enlist, planning to seek a discharge at the end of his compulsory tour of duty.

Those plans, of course, ended when the Dominion War broke out. He was immediately transferred away from his planetside post on Mars to the USS Springfield, an Akira-class cruiser. The Federation Joint chiefs had issued an unprecedented order--all battleworthy Starfleet vessels were to immediately garrison up to a full company of Marines. The Springfield was grouped along with a dozen other Starfleet vessels and instructed to patrol twenty light years of border between Federation and Cardassian space. All told, an entire battalion was aboard those ships. Only a quarter would make it back.

Every day for two years the USS Springfield and her sister ships engaged in hostilities with Cardassian cruisers. With the nearest friendly ships almost six hours away and no ships in reserve, it seemed as if the Federation's mighty back had been broken. By the end of the first year, the battlegroup consisted of thirteen ships, all damaged in some way, half of them Starfleet, the other half boarded Cardassian vessels. Eddie's squad leader was killed during a boarding action, and he was promoted to fill the vacancy.

Edward saw many gruesome facts of war in those two years. He emerged a changed man; pragmatic, grim, his once flippant sense of humor gone. Seeing the injustices that people were capable of, Eddie chose to go career, vowing to act as a shield and vanguard against the cruel transgressions of the Federation's enemies. His superiors saw brilliance in the man's actions. He lead his team well and was a solid tactician.

He was given a handful of commendations and promoted to chief NCO of his platoon at war's end. Citing meritorious service, valor in combat, and solid command ability, battalion HQ recommended officer candidate school at earliest possibility.

Psychological Report:
From enlistment psychological evaluation--
Cadet Limmer exhibits disregard for authority and is likely to be insubordinate. He appears to be resentful of his father, who he accuses of "getting me into this mess." He will have trouble working with others, as part of a cohesive team, and as part of a larger unit. In my professional opinion, Cadet Limmer is not a good admit for the Marines.


            Dominion War Service Medal

Cross of Distinction

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