Commander Durek, Executive Officer

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Place of Birth Koul Marketing Zone, Ferenginar



Date of Birth June 15, 2350


31 (biological) 34 (official)

Marital Status Single



Eyes Green


1m45 (4' 9")

Weight 34 kg (75 lbs)

Skin Tone



Short, lean, but muscular built



Special Note

His biological and official ages differ. See Service Records.

Lt Commander


Father Toq, Warehouse Foreman
Brother Queg, Chief Engineer aboard Uncle's Freighter
Brother Tolok, Food Processing Plant Owner
Brother Quan, Accountant
Brother Guldek, Apprentice at Chemical Refinery

Brother Dok, - Student


Personal Profile

Traits, Quirks

Enjoys teaching



Looking for the next deal



Does not want to be just a merchant, but a SUPPLIER so he can set the price. First he must find the right product



Profit and more profit. Enjoys personal comfort and loves his family



Hates not making a profit and also the fact that he is so far down in the inheritance line



Firm believer in the Rules of Acquisition and a good head for business. Can be very creative when it comes to planning or finding alternatives to situations. Is ambitious enough to take those little extra risks. Has a natural ability to not be effected by telepathic powers due to the unique four-lobe configuration of the Ferengi brain



Not personally brave in the face of grave danger. Much more the planner than an initiator. Being a smaller humanoid race, flight will take the place of fight. Due to the improved auditory abilities, Ferengi are susceptible to some high frequency sounds that will cause great pain.



Durek can hear exceptionally well, being a Ferengi, which means most races have to be pretty far away to be "out of ear shot" from them. It sometimes borders on precognition. Always had a nose for food, literally. He was able to sniff out cooked or uncooked food even after being sealed in packaging. Of course Ferengi food consists of worms and insects



Federation Standard, Ferengi


Personal History


Durek was born the fourth of six sons in the Koul Marketing Zone of the Ferengi Capitol. Typically, most Ferengi families have only a few children, but this was not the case in his family. The advantage was that he would grow up with more family contacts, always good for business, but he was also much farther down on the inheritance ladder.

His love for reading had him dreaming about other places other than Ferenginar and the riches that might be out there. After reaching the Age of Attainment, he continued his education at the Koul Business Academy.



Ferengi Commerce Academy

During his time at the Academy, he made friends with a guest lecturer, BaiOk (Special Agent) Nemus, from the Ferengi Commerce Association. (The FCA is roughly the equivalent of the old Earth Internal Revenue Service). Upon graduation from the Academy, he was able to use this friendship to secure a position at the FCA spaceport as an apprentice Cargo Handler. BaiOk Nemus was part of the Security Fees Division of the FCA. This division was responsible for inspecting property that had been secured by the FCA from Ferengi that had not met their obligation of paying taxes. Administrators from the Division would always arrive in time to help "inventory" the cargo loads and sort out those items that would be routed to the Division for special handling and auction. Most of the items never saw the light of an auction house though.

BaiOk Nemus would give Durek a strip of Latinum as a "finders fee" when he was notified of a cargo load being delivered before the other Administrators. This continued for the next four years allowing Durek to advance to the position of Cargo Master for the Third Shift ahead of others that had been working there longer. The unofficial partnership between Durek and BaiOk Nemus began to become more profitable as Durek learned more of the FCA systems. Still, he was unfulfilled and wanted to set out on his own and find that product that would make everyone come to him.



While at the FCA, Durek heard about the Federation's efforts to rebuild its fleet. The information seemed to stick with him to the point of distraction. Rule of Acquisition No. 9: Opportunity plus instinct equals profit. Here was his way of getting "out there in the stars", courtesy of Star Fleet and not having to compete against a host of other Ferengi. Durek immediately applied to the Ferengi Science Institute and continued working at the FCA. He completed enough classes to qualify for Star Fleet Academy. In 2372, he left his family, the FCA and Ferenginar for the Academy on Earth and future profits.



Durek's experiences on Starships have been varied and not what he had expected. The ultimate product has yet to appear, but due to circumstances aboard ship he's found himself in more command positions and has come to relish the power and control he has when in charge. His allegiance has also grown closer to Starfleet and the Federation as a fleet officer recently, but his Ferengi culture still has a strong hold which can cause conflicts.

Education Record


Reached Age of Attainment


Attended Koul Business Academy. He did not graduate with honors or top of the class, but he was more personally ambitious and creative than many of his classmates. Classes that Durek studied included Advanced Business Management, Inventory Control, Micro and macroeconomics, Interstellar Currency Exchange and Quality Control.
Durek graduated in 2367 from the Academy and secured an apprenticeship with the Ferengi Commerce Association for two years as a Cargo Handler. Eventually he was brought on as a full time employee.


Ferengi Commerce Association - Apprentice Cargo Handler


Ferengi Commerce Association - Cargo Handler, Cargo Handler


Ferengi Commerce Association - Cargo Handler, 3rd Grade Cargo Handler


Ferengi Commerce Association - Cargo Handler, 1st Grade Cargo Handler


Ferengi Commerce Association - Cargo Handler, Cargo Master

  2369-72 Ferengi Science Institute, Associate Degree Anthropology


Medical Profile


Medical Report

Cleared for active duty.

- Lt Cdr Martin Paulsen, C.M.O


Psychological Profile


Psychological Report

Cleared for active duty.

- Commander Alejandro Mateo, Ship's Counsellor


Service Record


Star Fleet Academy, Bachelor's Degree Anthropology


Graduated Star Fleet Academy, Masters in Xenoanthropology

  2376 USS Liberty - Promoted to Ensign upon graduation, Xenoanthropologist - Promoted to Lt JG
  2376 USS Liberty - Xenoanthropologist - Promoted to Lieutenant JG
  2377 Starbase 42 - Lieutenant JG, Xenoanthropologist
  2378 USS Bloemberegen - Lieutenant, Assistant Chief Science Officer - Promoted Chief Science Officer
  2379 USS Bloemberegen - Promoted Executive Officer (field)
  2379 USS Swiftsure - Lieutenant, Chief Science Officer - Made Second Officer on stardate 59939.9

USS Swiftsure - Lieutenant, XO - Made First Officer with a field promotion as Lieutenant Commander on stardate 60054.8



The USS Swiftsure is reported missing with all hands early in 2380. The ship reappeared early in 2383 in orbit of Earth after a temporal jump of 3 years. **Details classified**



Graduates Command School on stardate 60704.0 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander on stardate 60712.2



Promoted to Commander - Takes extended LOA from Starfleet


Mission Ribbons

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Mission ribbon
Full Moon
Inherit The Stars

The Hand Off

The Last God

A Matter of Time





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6F Meritous Unit Citation

Joint Service Achievement Medal

Sixth Fleet
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Honour of Excellence
Captain Star
Sixth Fleet Command School
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Honour of Excellence


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