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Starbase 123



The Borg threat has been diffused if only temporarily, the Dominion War ended almost a decade ago and the prospect of an alliance with the Romulan Empire has brought a climate of renewed anticipation. The Federation is once again desirous to commit fresh forces into the exploration of the Beta Quadrant.

There, rimward of the Federation's busy hub, beyond the Romulan and Klingon Empires themselves, lay some of the less explored and secure Federation territories of all.

Starbase 123 is one of a handful of starbases once strategically placed along the Romulan and Klingon borders, the last stepping stones to Federation-controlled sectors.

Look further down for a touristic and colonist guide to the area. Click here for a galactic map.




Starbase 123 belongs to a range of starbases that has proven to be an excellent support and maufacturing platform. Fitted with large bulk cargo and fuel containers, it is fully capable of providing all necessary starship logistics, and the internal docking bay can host as many as 15. It is also an exceptional platform for scientific research conducted in deep space. The scientific facilities are impressive, including a large telescope.

Although the base was built with a primarily scientific objective in mind, it has a significant combat capability - as exemplified by Starfleet's decision to place the first of these designs close to the the Romulan Neutral Zone. The closest starbase, SB 173, is situated 25 LY away hubward and shares a similar design.


Starbase 123's mission orders

1.Provide continuous monitoring of Romulan Nuetral Zone
2.Provide Operational support for mining in the system
3.Provide Operational support for Deep space missions

4.Provide Operational support for Near space missions
5.Provide operational support for Intel Element
6.Provide Security for colonies in the sectors covered

Sector command & Starbase manifest

• Sector Commander & SB CO: Commodore Brandon Farrell
• Head of Medical: Commander Vishakha Ramesh
• Head of Science: Captain Mandy Ryan Chekov
• Strategic Operations Supervisor: Captain Paul Thomas Chekov
• SB XO: Karim Zidane
• COS: tba
• COO: tba
• COE: Commander Gary Chapman

Starbase basic specifications

.Type: Starbase manufacturing & support facility
.Diameter: 2 842 m
.Height: 3 445 m (overall)
.Mass: 23 millions metric tons
.Decks: 397
.Crew: 5 700
.Civilians: 4 000 - 6 000
.Diplomatic capability: Grade 7
.Docking facilities: Internal docking bay capable of holding up to 15 starships, depending on type
100 x Type XII phaser arrays, total output 600,000 TeraWatts - 8 x Type 3 burst fire photon torpedo tube

.Defensive systems:
High Capacity shield system, total capacity 1,215,000 TeraJoules Light Duranium/Tritanium Double hull. Low level Structural Integrity Field

.Overall strength index: 2 445

Ships Currently Assigned to Starbase 123


• USS Valiant - Nebula Class
CO: Captain Romanelle Podhigar
XO: Commander Gary Sandhurst

• USS Swiftsure - Ambassador Class
CO: Captain Paula Chapman
XO: Lt Cdr Durek

• USS Tal War - Akira Class

• USS Aventura - Excelsior Class
• USS Gagarin - Sabre Class

• USS Cerberus - Sabre Class
• USS Fortitude - Miranda Class

- Guide to the area -

>>Carthage Colony<<, an unexpected but nonetheless successful R&R resort has become a favourite for crew shoreleaves, cross-cultural events and a chance for isolated colonists to remember what 'fun' is all about.

Most interesting among the races in the sector are the Zaldans, a Humanoid species with webbed hands who see politeness as dishonesty. The Zaldans are members of the Federation.

Scientific curiosities include the planets Iccobar, whose language is believed to belong to the Iconian family and the planet Tyrellia. Tyrellia is a K planet without a measurable atmosphere, although it sustains a civilization, one of only three known such worlds without magnetic pole. Scientists are still debating over the classification of planet Zalda as either M or N class planet, some insisting it would be a unique example (in the Federation) of a planet with two classifications...

Warning: The planet Iconia is a former homeworld of a civilization predating the Federation by several tenths thousand years. Icconia was destroyed some 200 000 years ago and Captain Picard had the last operational building on the planet erased as well.

Iconia is situated in the Romulan Neutral Zone and no trespassers will be allowed


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