“Just the Artifacts Ma’am”

Captain's Log, Stardate 56391.8.

     The USS Swiftsure is en-route to the Corvalin System. Onboard is a team of Federation Scientists and their equipment. Our orders are to deliver them to a series of archaeological dig sites on three of the planets in the Corvalin System. The Corvalin System is interesting in that it contains three inhabited worlds whose populations all share a common ancestor. How this occurred is a mystery and a major reason for the mission we are currently on.

Another Federation research team is currently in the system and our passengers are to augment the research that is already taking place there. So far their finds indicate the presence of an advanced civilization some six hundred thousand years ago. Several artifacts have been found that date the sites to around the time of the Tkon Empire. It is uncertain at this point if they are actually from that civilization or another as yet unknown one.

There have been some troubling developments though. The team already on site has not been heard from in over a standard week. Doctor Grazer, the head of the team that we are carrying, is not overly concerned at this point and has put the lack of communications down to technical difficulties. There is a religious faction on the three worlds though that has presented problems. They have made public their displeasure with the Federation's digs and might take steps to prevent further action. Add to this the increasing number of treasure hunters and traders that have recently arrived and you have all the players for a major disaster. The local authorities have managed to handle the situation, but are quickly becoming overwhelmed. As such this ship's compliment of security and marines will be used to reinforce their overstretched resources.

Captain's Log, Supplemental, Stardate 56416.45

     The Swiftsure has arrived in orbit above Corvalin Three. On our run into the system we were intercepted and attacked by three Corvalin warships. The Corvalin vessels immediately attacked us and attempted to ram their vessels into ours by using a warp jump. Lieutenant O'Bannon skillfully evaded their attacks, allowing us to disable them. The Corvalin warships self-destructed before we could take them in-tow. The resulting shockwaves buffeted the ship and caused minor damage.

Upon our arrival at Corvalin Three we were contacted by a Grand Prefect Tro'Lun. The Grand Prefect informed us that the Federation Archaeological Team, along with a majority of the elected Corvalin Government, had been arrested on charges of Crimes against the people. He ordered us to leave the system. My request to investigate the charges against the archaeological team was refused. Tro'Lun then cut off his communication with us. Doctor Grazer insisted that we remain long enough to investigate the matter. I agreed and ordered 2nd Lieutenant Moss to beam down and secure one of the dig sites. The Marines were engaged by a force of unknown locals. A dampening field was erected over the site by the Corvalins and an anti-matter missile launched at the site.

The missile was launched from short range and we could do nothing to stop its flight. The missile struck the dig site and all those in the immediate area were either killed or severely wounded. Five Marines and Five Security Guards were killed with Four Marines and Seven Security Guards being wounded. After the explosion Lieutenant O'Bannon's shuttle flight located the mobile missile launcher and destroyed it. The Corvalin foot soldiers returned, but were easily beaten by reinforcements from the ship. Three of them are currently 'guests' in our brig and await interrogation. It is my hope that one of them will know something about the location of our missing archaeologists.

At present we are enroute to Corvalin Five, the site of the original archaeological find. Doctor Grazer hopes that this site will still be intact. I can't help but think that we were tricked into visiting the site on Corvalin Three. There's just something about all of this that doesn't sit well with me. So far we've been playing someone else's hand and it's high time that we started using our own.

Captain's Log, Supplemental, Stardate 56441.71

     The Swiftsure is currently on final approach to Starbase 285 after our mission to the Corvalin System. The Archaeologists being held captive by the Corvalin Prefecture were rescued just prior to their execution. Unfortunately their team leader was murdered before we could rescue her. The liberated archaeologists are currently recovering in sickbay. Doctor Leeds assures me that their physical wounds are healing but that each has shown signs of significant psychological scaring. They will require further care at a more specialized facility.

In regards to the Corvalins, their application to the Federation will have to be put on hold. Only Corvalin Five remains in the hands of a democratically elected government. The Third and Fourth planets are firmly under the control of the Corvalin Religious Prefecturalists. An even more troubling development is the apparent purging of anyone with Corvalin Five blood from these two worlds.

It is my belief, based upon the evidence gathered during this mission, that the religious coup was caused by the Prefecture's desire to repress the Archaeological discoveries. Doctor Grazer's team concluded, using artifacts, DNA and pictographic evidence, that the Corvalin's accepted history was incorrect. This information would undoubtedly cast doubt on the religious teachings of the Prefecture. We have provided copies of this information to the proper Corvalin Authorities.

I am surprised by the absence of the Q. I had believed that they would have visited again, now that our mission is complete. Perhaps our actions were not what they expected or were unworthy of their attention.


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