“Strange Bedfellows”

Captain's Log, Stardate 56563.17

     After a lengthy layover at Starbase 285 the Swiftsure is once again underway on a new assignment. During our layover a large percentage of the senior staff were transfered to other assignments,  most notably, my first officer. The ship has a good portion of new crewmembers and it is my hope that this assignment will give them time to adjust.

The Swiftsure is currently enroute to the Acamaris System Mothball Fleet Yard. A tug, the S.S. Cartier, encountered an unknown intruder several days ago and upon further investigation found 5 hulks to be missing from the yard. Our assignment is to try and find the source of these thefts and stop them from occurring. My plan is to disguise the Swiftsure as one of the floating hulks and then lay in wait for these thieves. The feat of stealing one hulk is impressive, but to have taken five of them without prior notice is amazing. None of the vessels in the yard are readily warp capable and each would require a sizable number of experienced engineers to get up and running again. How this went unnoticed will be another part of our assignment.

Captain’s Log, Supplemental, Stardate 56570.25

     The Swiftsure is currently underway to Starbase 285. We have wrapped up our mission to the Acamaris Moth Ball Ship yard and currently have the yard tug Cartier in tow. It's crew are guests in the brig as we have a high suspicion that they were part of the thefts that occured here.

During our investigation of the mothballed USS Rapid the Pirates that have been stealing the ships returned to the yard. They surprised an away team, lead by CDR Wilde, aboard the Rapid. Commander Wilde was able to fight his way off the ship and then attempt to delay the Pirate Cruiser long enough for us to get underway. The Pirate Cruiser possessed a powerful weapons array and some sort of multi-phasic torpedo that went clean through our shields and caused considerable damage. Only the skillful piloting of LT. O'Bannon kept us in the fight."

The Pirate Cruiser broke off its attack when their crewmates managed to get away with the Rapid. Our battle damage prevented us from taking up pursuit. Dr. Paulsen and his staff have been busy treating our wounded and we will need to off-load the more serious cases upon our arrival at SB 285. As of this instant our losses are as follows: thirty-four missing and presumed dead, lost to the vacuum of space when our hull was breeched. Twenty-six dead and fifty-one wounded. Cargo Bay Three has been converted into a make shift sickbay and Cargo Bay Five as a temporary Morgue.

Lt. Moss led a successful boarding action on the Cartier and at present his troopers are mopping up a few stragglers. It will be interesting to see exactly what the Cartier's computer data banks contain. It is always disagreeable to see a Starfleet Officer or Enlistee become corrupt.

Our Engineering deparment will be busy conducting repairs over the next few days. We will require the services of a space dock to complete some of the larger repairs and to patch the hull breeches. It is frustrating that we cannot give chase to the Pirates, but with a maximum speed of Warp Three... any pursuit will have to be done by others.



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