Captain's Log, Stardate 56208.81:

     The Swiftsure is enroute to the Moldak system. We have been ordered by Starfleet command to investigate the discovery of a warp signature in the aforementioned system by a deep space probe. This in itself seems pretty basic; however the last vessel to visit the region did so 75 years ago. It listed the sole inhabited planet as having an industrial pre-space society. Discovering how they developed warp capability in 75 years is one of our top priorities. This matter is compounded by the fact that in those 75 years the Ferengi established several trade routes near the region. Add to that the fact that the detected signature was similar to that of a Ferengi Merchant. Did one of their vessels wander off course and crash on the planet or did they sell the technology to the Moldaks in their ever increasing search for profit?

     On another note, in order for us to assume this mission we had to cut short a scheduled shore leave after only 5 hours of a planned one week layover at Starbase 285. After our last assignment the crew was in need of a well deserved break. Apparently some of them showed their displeasure by trashing their rooms at the Starbase. My Chief of Security is looking into the matter as I figure out what the culprit’s punishment will be.

     We have also taken on a new chief tactical officer. His arrival came after we were already underway and was a total surprise, his orders having been lost. I hope that he is up to the task, and that he will meet a better fate than his predecessor. What a horrible way to lose one's life.

 Captain's Log, Supplemental, Stardate 56212.87:

     The Swiftsure is about to arrive in the Moldak system. So far our long range sensors have been unable to detect anything of significance. Work has continued on repairing the damage sustained in our last mission. We were to have completed the bulk of the repairs at Starbase 285. On that note, Lieutenant Villant is just about ready to turn in his report on Starbase 285's complaints and complete his investigation. He promises to have it on my desk in the next day or so. I'm not looking forward to reading it.

First Officer's Log, Supplemental, Stardate 56214.92:

      We have entered the Moldak system and have had a very busy time since then.  Upon our arrival we detected a warp signature approaching and upon further investigation found a small warp craft.  The Moldak vessel developed engine failure and suffered critical damage.  Upon orders from the Captain we rescued its occupants and brought the vessel into our main hangar bay.  Our engineers have been working around the clock to fix the vessel.  The Moldak crew quickly accepted our existence and the Captain plans on conducting formal first contact.

On another note we intercepted a Ferengi Marauder under the command of a Daimon Verik.  Initially our meeting was peaceful, and the Marauder headed away.  However it returned and fired upon us.  After faking battle damage we retreated to just outside their sensor range and waited.  A quick return thirty minutes later and the Swiftsure crippled their ship, taking it completely by surprise.  Verik and his first officer Plegg, are in custody on the Marauder and a prize crew was sent to return the Marauder to Starbase 285.

The Ferengi were found to be conducting clandestine mining operations underneath the surface of the planet and it is our belief that the inhabitants had absolutely no idea it that the mining was occurring.  We currently are playing host to over four hundred members of the Ferengi crew, beamed up from their underground mining operation.  Our Chief of Security is beside himself with the problems that has caused.  We will be returning them to Starbase 285 upon completion of our primary mission.

A last note, a device was found in the engine compartment of the Moldak spacecraft that was found to be of an explosive nature.  The chemical residues and its location inside the vessel indicate that it was meant to destroy the ship and its crew.  The Captain is meeting in private with the Moldak commander after the Counselor revealed that he had some form of role in its placement.  I have not been privy to that discussion as it is still ongoing.

Captain's Log Supplemental Stardate 56216.97

     The Swiftsure has successfully completed its first contact mission to Moldak IV and is returning to Starbase 285. The Moldaks are quite ready for further contact and will someday make an excellent addition to the Federation. As for the Ferengi, I can hardly wait to get all 400 of them off of my ship. They were found to be carrying out clandestine mining operations on the planet and it is my belief that the Moldaks had no idea that it was occurring. On another note the Moldak vessel had no traces of Ferengi technology and it seems that the Ferengi had no hand in the development of the Moldak warp capability. I am unsure as to whether Daimon Verik was acting alone or at the bidding of the Nagus, however further inquiry should reveal this matter. I look forward to another attempt at shoreleave and much needed repairs and refitting of the Swiftsure.



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