“Gilligan’s Colony”

Captain's Log. Stardate 56299.34

     The USS Swiftsure has been ordered to proceed to the Yaro system. The Yaro system is located within Breen Space and contains what the Breen report to be a Federation Colony. The Federation maintains that it has no colony in the Yaro system. Our orders are to proceed to the system, locate the colony if it exists and attempt to evacuate the colonists. There is little or no information about the Yaro system in the Federation data banks and we are going in almost blind. Still the discovery of the unknown was one of the primary reasons that most of us joined Starfleet in the first place.

We have taken on board a small quantity of Quantum Torpedoes. Admiral Loren felt it wise that we carry the weapons, a security measure if things go badly. I have put my Tactical Staff to the task of reviewing all known Breen tactics. It has been many years since this vessel faced a Breen Warship, and it is something that I wish to avoid at all costs. The crew seems anxious to begin a new mission, as do I. We will be venturing into a region of space that as far as we know has never been visited before by a Starfleet vessel. So not only will this be a fact finding mission but one of exploration and discovery and may the Great Bird of the Galaxy watch over this vessel and its crew.

Captain's Log, Supplemental, Stardate 56314.45

     The Swiftsure has diverted temporarily from its primary mission to answer a distress call. Upon arriving at the coordinates provided we have found a Vanderian Transport ship that's Engines, Navigational Computer and Life Support had failed. Lieutenant Tullak is currently conducting repairs to the vessel and hopes to have them completed shortly. So far he has, along with several other engineering crewmembers, repaired the Engines and life support for this vessel. The Vanderian Captain claims that they are refugees fleeing the civil war that has erupted within their system.

On another note, we have completed pre-planning to convert our cargo holds to provide living space for any colonists that we may find once we reach our destination. Dr. Leeds has been working on the problem and seems to have come up with a viable plan to do so. Our current delay in reaching the Yaro System is troubling. The Breen's time limit continues to tick away, and if we are unable to get moving again in a short period of time, I fear that we will not have enough time to complete our mission. The crew's morale remains high, but tension levels are high as well.

Captain's Log, Supplemental, Stardate 56320.21

     Our first day in orbit of Yaro II is rapidly winding to an end.  Upon entering orbit we discovered three small settlements on the planet's surface and some odd readings in a nearby mountain range.  The settlements have a human population of nearly twenty-five hundred, and a technology level that is a hodge-podge of  various centuries.  Commander Jat led an away team to search the mountain range and discover the source of the odd readings. 

     The away team discovered a burried starship that was estimated to have crashed roughly two hundred years ago.  It was further discovered that the ship was a Dadeulus class vessel,  an early explorer used by Starfleet at the dawn of its days.  Even more interesting is the fact that it would appear that we have found our namesake out here in the middle of Breen space.  An exploration of the wreckage found markings that indicated the vessel as having the registry of NCC 104, USS Swiftsure.  Starfleet records show the vessel as having been reported missing and presumed lost.  Further investigation of the wreckage found that large sections of equipment  had been removed from the site. 

     It is my belief based on the evidence at hand that the settlers on this planet are the direct descendants of the crash survivors, for there is no evidence to the contrary.  We plan on making direct contact with them shortly and begin the process of convincing them to leave.  I don't look forward to asking these people to leave their homes. 

     On another note the excavation was not without loss.  A predatory species of creature killed two members of the excavation team shortly after nightfall.  According to the science department they are large, cat like creatures that have dark colored skin and fur.  Another species of creature was discovered as well, one that seems more interesting, at least to me.  They are a small simian like creature, resembling the lemurs of Earth.  However it would appear that their level of intelligence is slightly higher than would be expected.  Lieutenant Jansen seems to believe that one of the creatures tried to warm him of the impending attack by the larger creatures.  I hope to have time to allow him to study the smaller animals, dubbed 'sims' by the away team." 

Captain’s Log, Supplemental, Stardate 56326.57

     The past three days have seen much activity between myself and the colonists that were found on the planet.  After meeting with their leaders they agreed to come with us.  The last of the colonists, their mayor, beamed aboard this evening.  The colonists are still getting used to their new living arrangements and security has been busy dealing with adjusting them to their new environment.  This problem has been further compounded by a virus that my crew picked up on the planet.

     The Virus, known as Gormanni's Disease, is native to the planet and one that the colonists ancestors learned to deal with a long time ago.  We have since found a vaccine and have inoculated everyone aboard this vessel.  However nearly fifty percent of the Security and Engineering departments have come down with the illness.  The Vaccine had made their symptoms more manageable, but we are still functioning at half staff.  Doctor Leeds assures me that this problem will resolve itself in a few more days. 

     On another note, LCDR P'Moll has discovered that the ion storm that orbits this planet's atmosphere is growing.  Her preliminary data indicates that within a period of roughly one hundred years the planet's magnetic field will collapse as the storm continues to grow.  This brings about a troubling series of questions.  If we do nothing we doom all life on the planet to death within that period of time.  As this planet is not within Federation space, I do not see how we could possibly attempt to fix the matter.  A native species, called Nelemurs by the Colonists, have been found to possess cognizant intelligence.  If we do nothing, this species will certainly cease to exist. 

     I would normally say that any actions on our part to alter this planet's upcoming demise would violate the Prime Directive.  However preliminary data indicates that there is a chance that the arrival of the colonist's ancestors on this planet two hundred years ago was the cause of the ion storm that now threatens the planet.  If this is the case then it is our responsibility to set things right and correct the problem, if a solution can be found.  On the other hand we are leaving this region of space in the immediate future and leaving the planet to the Breen.  Their sudden interest in this planet indicates to me that they want something on it.  By  fixing the ion storm, would we be leaving a valuable resource to a race that only five years ago was our sworn enemy?  The matter will require further study.



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