“Yesterday’s Swiftsure”


Captain's Log, Stardate... unknown 


The Swiftsure responded to a distress call from

a Freighter. Upon arriving at the Freighter's coordinates we

found the ship trapped in some sort of energy field. It's hull

was already beginning to break up, but in apparent slow motion.

Without much warning their warp core breeched causing the energy

field to expand rapidly and envelope this vessel.  The resulting

shockwave knocked out every system on the ship, including most

of the crew.  Upon awakening we found ourselves in pitch darkness

and more than a little banged up.


Repairs were effected and we have been unable to locate any

Federation time beacons or get an fix on our position

from Astrometrics. The ship began to suffer from a series of time

distortions and the crew was forced to abandon all upper decks.

About this time our sensors detected a rapidly approaching ship.

It's warp signature was similar to a Federation vessel but it's

design was unfamiliar.


The vessel claimed to be USS Wayfairer under the command of a

Captain Bateman.  He informed us that we had been missing for

sixteen years.  This information was further compounded by the

appearance of my old Exec, now a Vice Admiral.  At present

we are following the Wayfairer out of what they called the

Vanderian Neutral Zone.  Apparently, and only if I am to

believe this time jump, there have been a lot of changes.


The time distortions grew worse as we followed the Wayfairer

at warp and Mr. Spencer, Mr. Lynch, and Engineering

worked to solve the problem.  By modifying our warp field they

have been successful in 'drawing' off the 'time bubble' that

has been inhabiting our upper decks.  In a few minutes we will

be receiving Vice Admiral Jat and his 'party'.  I am looking

forward to hearing his explaination of how we arrived in

this time frame, and about everything that's happened since our



Captain’s Log, Supplemental, Stardate 72657.12. 


Our journey  into the future has been wrought with problems. 

Almost a quarter of my crew is currently in Sickbay, suffering from

all forms of mental illness.  Dr. Paulsen is studying the

possibility that the mental problems are due to our leap

through time.  I believe that a mutiny led by Lieutenant

Commander Spencer and Lieutenant Brown was the result of

this illness that plagues my crew. Several other incidents have

occured that show this crew is not acting quite like itself.

It might only be a matter of time before all of us are affected,

if we are not already.  


In light of these suspicions I have decided that we will

attempt to return to our proper time.  Mr. Lynch and my

former Chief Engineer, Maggie Hayes, are working on

simulations for the attempt. If they fail this ship and

her crew may become trapped in this time and suffer more severely

from the affects of this mental illness. 


During the mutiny this vessel fired upon our escort ship,

the Wayfairer.  It sustained moderate damage and only

through the grace of Captain Bateman are they still aiding

us.  Our two vessels are currently at rest, just over the

Federation side of the Vanderian Neutral Zone.  For now my

crew is busy repairing damage and restoring ship functions. 

Special mention must go to Mr. Moss and Mr. Nelson for the

actions of their departments in putting down the mutiny.



Captain’s Log, Supplemental


The Swiftsure is currently on the Federation side of the Vanderian

Neutral Zone in proximity to the Gornoc System.  The past eight hours

have been a blur of activity aboard this vessel.  Dr. Paulsen and Dr.

Leeds have successfully completed the first round of treatments on

the crew and are in the process of starting round two.  The treatment

is not a cure for our alternate universe induced illness, and each successive

treatment will be less effective than the previous, however it is all we have

to combat the dysfunction causing the mental illness.  We are on borrowed

time and every second counts. 


Mr. Lynch and Ms. Hayes have completed construction of a containment

unit for the Gallimide ore that we need to return to our own time and

universe.  Ms. Hayes has modified the runabout Genesee’s warp

signature so that it will appear as a merchant vessel when it crosses

into the neutral zone.  This should fool the Vanderian listening posts

and Gornoc system sensors long enough to allow a team of Marines

under Major Moss to raid the research station on Gornoc Four and return

safely to the ship with the ore. 


The lead mutineers, Mr. Spencer and Mr. Brown, have been pardoned

temporarily due to our medical findings and the stark possibility that they

had no control over the madness that led to their decisions.  I have ordered

them to work on decoys to fool the Vanderians when we re-cross the neutral

zone, hoping to buy time while we make good our plans. 


On a more personal note I have discovered that I have a daughter in the

alternate universe.  Apparently the Matthew Wayne from this universe,

who is still missing, never knew either.  I have spent what little free time

getting to know Maggie’s daughter, a very bright and intelligent fifteen year

old by the name of Stacey.  We will be parting ways soon and I am not looking

forward to it.






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