Bounty: Wallibi Maku

USS Swiftsure


The crew has returned...

All is not well on the USS Swiftsure. While the ship undergoes emergency repairs, the better part of the crew has to be evacuated down to Vermillion by the departing Heropu ship Brinkar.

... but home is a long way yet.

Commodore Chapman-Stark and Lt Colonel Stark take command of the ship named Wallibi Maku. If the vessel looks good, it is obvious that days or weeks may pass before it can be exploited safely.

Life organizes on Vermillion and a skeleton crew slowly masters the mysteries of the Wallibi Maku. The ship's technology is somewhat behind the Federation and for reasons unknown, replicators like transporters are limited to inorganic matter. Conversely, the quality of the accomodations and ample space reserved to hydroponics, arboretums and two swimming pools begin to win over the reluctant new tenants.

After some two weeks, both ships make ready to depart. The USS Swiftsure's warp nacelle cannot be repaired without a drydock. The Wallibu Maku towing the Federation ship, the crew makes way towards the wormhole.

Wallibi Maku

Wallibi Maku



En route come some shocking news. Thanks to the Uss Poseidon's intervention in cleaning an age-old programming error, the Xin are now quite willing allied. Few of the Xin forces however enjoyed the feat, as the Kells maneuvered to seize control of what Xin ships didn't self destruct to avoid capture. Outer Perseus is faced with a new menace as the Kells gear up for domination and the key to their defeat depends on a summit organized with help from the Federation.

Vermillion Sky


- Captain's Log -

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This short interlude concluded in early November 2008 to be followed by a joint mission with the USS Poseidon on United Terra.
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