The Hand Off

USS Swiftsure



Following the Shengen events, the USS Swiftsure shoreleaves briefly at >> Carthage Colony. An Awards and Promotions ceremony to remember is held in a saloon of Canyon City. The crew bids goodbye to one of its longest standing members: Lt Commander Ethan Spencer, Second Officer and Chief Operations is finally given his chance at command and transfered to an XO position.

Bolian Conn officer Rella Rann builds on the surprising friendship started at >> Sixth Fleet Academy with scientist T'Lailara. Several romances bloom among the crew, most noticeably between Lt(jg) Geooffrey Ashton, Asst Chief of Operations and Caitian Yeoman V'Zara. Captain Paula Chapman and Marine DC Major Aloysius Stark find they form quite a good match themselves.

After a few days, the crew starts on the last stretch of the journey towards her new Area of Operations: >>Starbase 123 situated in an isolated portion of the Federation beyond the corridor between the Romulan and Klingon Empire. Several new crewmembers are assigned among which Security Officer Miho Okawa, Engineer ElsarraChar sh’Shran and Doctor Cevik McCloud.

Click to visit Carthage Colony

Click to visit Carthage Colony


Arrival at SB 123 holds some surprises for the crew. Captain Paula Chapman takes part is a Sector Tactical Briefing for the week. Meanwhile Lt Commander Durek, acting XO is tasked with taking command of a ship called SS Ulante. The cargo ship was stopped by Starfleet while transporting cargo stolen from the Klingons. A rendez vous in space has been organized to hand back the ship and its important cargo.

For this mission, Durek selects a crew among the Senior Staff and Swiftsure officers and enlisted. Their first ship is to try and bring the SS Ulante up to space flight standards but as the rendez vous with the Klingons is moved up, they have no choice and leave the starbase before repairs are fully completed. Lt Commander Durek's first stint at command starts under less than favourable auspices.



Following several mishaps and a navigational computer failre, the SS Ulante finds herself off course and going circles. As the malfunctions spread through the computer core, the Ferengi CO is forced to make route towards the nearest solar system with an M class planet in case they had to make an emergency landing. Instead of an emergency landing, the SS Ulante crashes for good in the middle of a swampy territory.

With communications down and supplies limited, the crew can only hope that help won't be too long in coming. The Klingons however start looking for them in the wrong place while the SS Ulante couldn't be in a worst one: the local wildlife is entirely too interested n the visitors.


To complicate matters, just as the crew organizes the wait, a container full of chemical ruptures and forces them to evacuate the ship. The Marines face down the local apex predator which turns out to be one part dinosaur, four parts teeth and a whole lot determned unimpressed by these exotic preys. After Major Stark kills one to save his life, Lt Commander Durek decides enough is enough. Holes are blown in the ship's hull to vent the chemicals and give the crew some shelter as they head back inside.

The Klingons make a timely arrival and take the crew back to SB 123 aboard two Birds of Prey. More of an interesting time ensues for the SS Ulante crew as they learn to make friends the Klingon way!



Ferengi Acting XO Lt Commander Durek finds upon arrival at the Starbase that contrarily to his beliefs, his 'failed' mission proved to be enough of a success in the eye of Starfleet to be deemed a successful conclusion to his command training and internship. He is now a Command graduate slated to receive a Captain's Star award on top.

The crew, some of which had arrived just in time for the SS Ulante adventure, relaxes and mingles. Captain Chapman has to announce Major Stark that his father died in a shuttle accident that he believes to be murder organized as a revenge from his old foe Kurg. When Aloysius Stark sets out to avenge his father's murder, he is shadowed by Paula Chapman, determined to protect him no matter the cost with help from Counsellor Alejandro Mateo. While Stark locks in combat with Kurg, Chapman storms the facility and liberates Jeremiah Stark who turns out to be still alive. All make a narrow escape during which Kurg is killed and his ship the Targ's Tooth is destroyed. The Klingon Empire is relieved to be rid of a dishonourable Klingon but SB 123's CO, Commodore Brandon Farrell is less than enthused by Chapman playing commando off the records.

Far from the adventurous assignments the crew was hoping for in this area of space, the USS Swiftsure leaves dock with a mission to spend the next few months charting and exploring uninhabited solar systems for their mining potential.


- Captain's Log -

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This mission was John B. aka Lt Commander Durek's Command School internship with >>Sixth Fleet. It took place from mid July to mid September 2007, after the long journey from Earth to starbase 123. John's internship ended with these words from his instructor: 'I'm thoroughly impressed and I don't often say that!' We thank Matt, CS Instructor for his support during what has to count as one of the bumpiest internship mission ever: delayed start, last minute draft of a new mission to better fit a change of crew, to recall but a few... Congratulation to Lt Commander Durek, whose field rank was made permanent and who won a Captain's Star for his ceaseless efforts throughout. The USS Swiftsure is proud to have you as her XO!

Next mission will be something pretty special as the USS Swiftsure RPG starts not a Joint Mission, but a Joint Mission arc with the newest Sixth Fleet sim: >> USS Poseidon - Carrier Group One. Stay tuned as the USS Swiftsure and her crew find themselves stranded in the Perseus Arm of the galaxy... 50 000 LY from home!
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