Inherit the Stars

USS Swiftsure


Only the fearless may navigate the Tenebor Expanse...

As part of an agreement with the Heropu regarding, among other things, transfer of personnel and goods from the wormhole, the USS Swiftsure endeavours a challenging trip through the Tenebor Expanse, locally known as The Eye.

The Tenebor Expanse is a stellar cluster standing squarely between several minor space faring civilizations. No ship, from recorded memory ever came back after such an attempt. After the Swiftsure successfully gets inside the Expanse, a probe signal leads the crew to the Sharineveh system.

Twenty years ago, Sharineveh's attempt to a stellar drive, the Hypergate, devastated the main planet's moon. A handful survivors in a pitiful state can be found around the system, others have managed to hid in the spaceport's underground facilities. All groups however have become fiercely determined to ensure their own survival at the expense of others if need be.

... and find there a lot more than meets the eye.

The matter is further complicated when the Heropu Advisor, Jhartoek takes off with several people and the USS Genesee for a destination unknown. It is revealed that Sharineveh as other worlds was implanted several millenia ago with bioengineered species. Following the supposed demised of the Seeders' civilization, most of the 'Makers' children' had to flee the Expanse. All forgot about their origins but for some individuals who, like Jhartoek, are now compelled to travel back to the old home world -- wherever it may be.

With matters at stake proven vastly beyond any Federation intervention, the USS Swiftsure leaves Sharineveh the choice of its destiny and heads out of the Expanse, the original deal completed.

Partial view of Tenebor


Sixth Fleet Meritous Unit Citation
Awarded September 2008 to the crew
For mission "Inherit The Stars"


Quite apart from a remarkable fit of navigational prowess, the USS Swiftsure crew has seen a few events unfold aboard.

The quick passing of bartender Baraq from an uncurable disease was followed by the birth of four Caitian-Human hybrids to Lt JG V'Zara and Lt Ashton.

On another note, while the starship seems to have found in Lt Gordon just the Chief Science Officer she needs on her journeys through the Outer Perseus Arm, Lt Commander Durek stepped down as First Officer for an extended leave from Starfleet.

With the ship and crew much in need of some layover time to catch their breath, the USS Swiftsure selects an uninhabited planetoid with some remarkable scenic features for a well deserved shoreleave: Vermillion.

Vermillion Skyes



- Captain's Log -

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This mission concluded in early August 2008 to be followed by a 2 week summer break taking place in the middle of shoreleave.
John B. aka Lt Commander Durek, XO, is promoted to Commander upon his (temporary, for sure) retirement from simming.
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