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ON: Shoreleave #26 "Lost Ensigns" by Ensign Arthur V. Wayne, Science Officer

==Lounge Area, Starbase Dalan==
=Present Day=

Arthur sat staring out the large view ports in the Starbase's central lounge. It was an open area and regular foot traffic passed in-between rows of comfortably seated station personnel. The ambient noise was a combination of quiet conversations, boot soles on decking and the quiet hum of the ventilation system. He looked up as a flash from outside the view ports signaled the departure of his former taxi. Arthur let out a small involuntary snort as he thought about how happy he would be if he never again set foot on that broken down freighter. The sound of ice cubes clinking against glass brought him back to reality. His scotch on the rocks had been terrible and now sat largely untouched on a nearby table. The Swiftsure had yet to arrive, or so Arthur thought, and he was merely trying to kill time. He had to admit that he felt a little excited at the prospect of seeing his new posting pull into dock for the first time and to that end he got up, slinging his small duffel over his shoulder, and set about finding someone who could tell him the ship's ETA.

==Transporter Room Four, Starbase Dalan==
=Fifteen minutes later=

"Can I help you Ensign," asked the Transporter Chief as Arthur entered the room. To the Chief the Ensign seemed befuddled and at wits end. He'd been around long enough to have seen his fair share of newly commissioned officers and this one didn't seem any different than his predecessors.

"I sure hope so," replied an exasperated Arthur. "I've checked three other places and no one can seem to give me a straight answer."

"I'll see what I can do," said the Chief with a nod. "What are you looking for?"

"My ship," said Arthur simply as he fumbled around in his duffel bag for what seemed like the tenth time. His fingers found the object he was looking for, a PADD containing his orders, and he brought it out and handed it over to the Chief.

"There's a problem Ensign," responded the Chief after reading over the man's written orders.

"Which is," asked Arthur when the Chief didn't finish his statement. This was quickly beginning to sound like the other conversations, and Arthur found himself trying to keep a frown from forming on his face. His other attempts had brought about strange looks and cryptic answers. His hopes began to diminish as he seemed eternally destined to fail at simple tasks. It should not be this difficult to find something as large as a Starship.

"Well your ship is here and it isn't."

"Look Chief," said the now frustrated Arthur, "I've gotten that answer from at least three other people. I know that normally a starship can't be in two places at once, stranger things have occurred in history I'll give you that, but the normal laws of physics."

"Easy there Ensign," stated the Chief holding up his hands to stop the young man from getting too wound up. One constant in Starfleet was an over abundance of high strung, high energy Ensigns, and this one fit the mold perfectly. "I can see that someone's been having a bit of fun at your expense. The ship is here, just not here. here.," he added pointing at the decking.

"Of course it's not here," replied Arthur mimicking the Chief's gesture but with sarcasm, "A starship wouldn't fit in here!"

"No.," the Chief hesitated and shook his head; this was going to be tougher than he thought. The Ensign was obviously about to snap and he tried to think of the easiest way to explain things to him. "You're aware that the Swiftsure is in another part of the Galaxy. right?" Arthur's sudden look of fear and apprehension caused the Chief to stifle a chuckle, and then continue. "You're in the right place if you're trying to get to the Swiftsure, Ensign, you just can't get there by normal means. You thought the ship was going to be docked, didn't you?"

"Well duh Chief, isn't that what normally happens when a ship is at a Starbase" asked Arthur, uncertain that he was following what the Chief was saying to him. How could the ship be in another part of the galaxy and still be reached from here? Unless he was mistaken, he realized with an ever sinking feeling, he was in the wrong place, despite what this guy was saying to him. This Transporter Chief seemed fairly certain of himself however, so maybe Arthur wasn't totally wrong.

"Normally, yes," admitted the Chief, "but normal hardly applies here. Look Ensign, it would take me too long to explain everything to you, but you are in the right place."

"Oh.kay, so how do I get to my ship," asked Arthur now as confused as ever. He didn't like looking this uninformed, but then again he hadn't bothered to research his posting, assuming that it would be nothing out of the ordinary. He berated himself mentally for his laziness and for what usually went with assumptions.

"That would take too long as well," replied the Chief with a knowing look, "however you are only two quick transports away. I will have to beam you to the Translift station and from there they will send you to the Swiftsure. Now if you'll kindly step onto the pad I can begin your journey," he added the last with a wave of his hand, indicating the empty transporter platform.

"If you say so Chief," stated Arthur with a shake of his head. He wasn't the trusting sort, but at the moment he didn't appear to have a choice. With a step full of trepidation he stepped forward and onto the pad. "Where am I going again?"

"To the Translift station, they will fill you in on the rest," replied the Transporter Chief. "Ready sir?"

"Energize. I guess," said Arthur. He heard the familiar hum and felt the familiar sensation of the beam grab him. Moments later he was stepping off of an almost identical pad and into an almost identical room. Had it not been for the fact that this station was being operated by a female he would have thought that nothing had occurred.

"Uh. hi," he said as he stepped off of the pad, "my name is Ensign Arthur Wayne and I'm trying to find my ship."

"The Translift pad is down the corridor to the right," began the female Chief in a disinterested voice, "fourth hatchway on your left."

"How did you know I was looking for a...," he began but stopped when the woman gave him a glace that said everything without saying anything. Apparently to her he had just asked a painfully obvious question, a fact reinforced by the female Chief placing her arms onto her hips and glaring at him as if looking at a small misbehaving child.

"So I make a right out of here and then it's the fourth one on the left," repeated Arthur, trying to cover his unknowing gaffe. When the woman nodded he understood that he had been dismissed and turning smartly on his heels he headed out the hatchway and into the corridor.


ON Shoreleave #28 "Like an Ensign, Translifted for the very first time..." by Ensign Arthur V. Wayne, Science Officer

==Translift Station, Starbase side==
=Following Post #26=

The corridor seemed to go on forever, or so Arthur thought, as he walked its barren and uninviting length. Here and there a panel sat open with internal wiring and circuit boards exposed. If Arthur had to guess he would say that this station was still under construction. He reached the fourth hatchway on the left and stepped forward, activating the automatic doors. The journey had taken a sum total of two minutes, but to the already flustered Arthur it had seemed like ten.

He looked around the room and found what appeared to be the main control panel, but instead of seeing the operator standing behind it, he spotted a pair of boots sticking out from the side of it. He was about to announce his presence when a slightly muffled voice from underneath the terminal informed him that the operator was well aware of his presence.

"Be with you in a second," stated the muffled and definitely male voice.

"Take your time," replied Arthur, "I'm in no hurry, really."

"Well that's always a good thing," stated the voice, its owner's boots moving almost expressively, as if they were hands. "When you rush you tend to miss things. Usually it's some little thing, but enough little things can lead to big and bad things. Wouldn't you agree?"

"Sure," answered Arthur, failing to sell the response with genuine interest. There was no immediate response, except that the boots shifted their position. Two blue antennae appeared above the top of the terminal, followed by the rest of the Andorian that they were attached to. Arthur paled slightly as he spotted the two solid colored pips adorning a yellow trimmed uniform. He immediately went to attention and waited for the butt-chewing that was sure to follow.

"At ease Ensign," stated the Andorian as his antennae drooped as if in disappointment. "This isn't the Academy," added the Andorian as he picked up a rag and wiped his hands.

"So what can we do for you Ensign," asked the Andorian as he gave Arthur the once over.

"I'm trying to reach my ship, sir," replied Arthur. He reached once more into his duffel and pulled out the PADD containing his orders. Walking over to the terminal he handed it across to the Andorian Lieutenant. The Andorian read over it, and then handed the PADD back to Arthur who returned it to his duffel bag.

"Well you are certainly in the right place," stated the Andorian as Arthur looked back at him expectantly. "If you'll just step onto the platform I'll have you further along in your journey before you know it."

"Uh, where exactly am I going sir," asked Arthur as he stepped up onto the pad as he had been told. It looked very similar to a transporter pad, but something was different about it. He couldn't figure it out, but then again transporters weren't his specialty.

"You seriously have no idea, do you Ensign," stated the Andorian. "Well I'll give you a quick run down," he continued as his hands moved over the controls. "Your ship is in another part of the Galaxy, thousands upon thousands of light years away. However with this here Translift, as we call it, I can send you there in a matter of seconds.

"It works a lot like a transporter, only with a few modifications. That's so your molecules won't get all scrambled as you go through the wormhole. On the other side of said wormhole is a similar station where you will find the Swiftsure."

"Wait a minute," stammered Arthur trying to absorb all that he'd just heard. "You're going to beam me through a wormhole?!? But that's not possible."

"Guess you're about to find out, now aren't you," stated the Andorian as a beeping sound began to emanate from his panel. "Have a safe journey."

"Are you F..," Arthur's words were cut off as he felt the beam begin to take hold of him. Only this was instantly like no transport he had ever felt before. The Andorian and the room he had been in disappeared into a shimmering field of white, almost as if he was in a fog and for the briefest of instants he felt like he was flying. Several quick visual flashes of the blackness of space and then something else, the wormhole perhaps, flashed by and then he was rematerializing on another platform. His interrupted statement completed itself as he did so, ".ing kidding me?!?"

"Beg your pardon Ensign," asked a new voice from in front of him.

"N...nothing," he managed to say as he took stock of his new surroundings. "Di.did I just get shot through space?"

"In essence, yes," replied the human male looking back at him from behind the control panel.

"Oh. okay," stammered Arthur as he tried to comprehend what had just happened to him. "One question, am I aboard the Swiftsure?"

"No," stated the Translift operator, a junior grade Lieutenant if Arthur's eyes were working correctly, replied. "But you are at least in the right part of the Galaxy to find her."

"Sorry, sir," said Arthur questioningly as he stepped off of the platform and towards where the Lieutenant was standing. "It's been a long day and I'd be eternally grateful if you'd tell me how I get to my ship. So far I've survived, apparently, being shot through a wormhole, several transports and two weeks on a beat up freighter. Please, I just want to get to my ship. Sir."

"The transporter room down the corridor can send you to her," replied the Lieutenant. "It's the second door on your right after turning right when you leave this room."

"Go right, then second doorway on the right. Thank you sir," Arthur heard himself say. It was an automatic response, beaten into him at the Academy, always repeat orders or directions given to you by a superior officer. He wasn't sure whether he wanted to cry or break something. It could wait though, as for a brief instant he began to see an end to his journey.

"Welcome to the Perseus arm of the Beta Quadrant," added the Lieutenant, almost as an after-thought, as Arthur walked out of the room. Arthur merely grunted a response and tried not to mentally snap, as at the moment he desperately wanted to tell the Lieutenant where he could take his Perseus arm and put it.


Ensign Arthur V. Wayne
USS Swiftsure

ON Shoreleave #48 "Finally here!" by Ensign Arthur V. Wayne, Science Officer

====Transporter Room Two, Deck 11, USS Swiftsure==
=Shortly after Post #29=

The Transporter Chief looked up from his panel as the form began to materialize on the pad in front of him. It had been a busy shift as numerous crew and civilian personnel had been moving back and forth between the shift and the Translift station. As the hum sub-sided a solidified Ensign stood where the shimmering lights of the transporter beam had just disappeared. The Chief took a second to marvel at the technology and to ponder the decidedly confused look worn by the ship's newest arrival.

To Arthur, the new arrival, the wonders of technology didn't account for much at the moment. All he really cared about was determining whether or not he had finally reached his destination. At first glance he was hopeful. The transporter room seemed older than the others, and smaller.

"Where am I," he asked the Transporter Chief with trepidation. If this wasn't the Swiftsure he felt like he might burst into tears.

"You are aboard the Swiftsure, Ensign," replied the Chief with a perplexed look.

"Oh thank the gods," exclaimed Arthur, "you have no idea what I've been through just trying to get here." He wanted to get down on all fours and kiss the decking, but he stopped himself just short of doing it. There was a time honored tradition to be observed, not to mention that it was policy, and he went to attention.

"Ensign Arthur Wayne requesting permission to come aboard," he said while looking directly at the Transporter Chief.

"Permission granted," replied the Chief, "welcome aboard sir. May I see your orders please?"

"Arthur stepped off of the pad and reached into his duffel, retrieving once more, the PADD containing his orders. He handed the PADD across the control panel to the Chief. The Non-Com read over the PADD and then began entering information into his terminal. The computer chirped a reply and the Chief handed the PADD back to Arthur.

"Your quarters will be on Deck Ten, Starboard Aft section; room number Ten sixty-three," stated the Chief.

"Deck Ten, Starboard Aft; room Ten Sixty-Three," repeated Arthur. "Thanks Chief."

"No problem, sir."

Arthur exited the Transporter Room and hesitated; he turned and looked back at the Chief, who thankfully, pointed to his right. Arthur nodded a thank you and set off in search of the turbolift. A smile crossed his lips at the realization that he was finally aboard. He didn't care if it took him the rest of the day to find his quarters; he had finally reached his ship.

==Deck Ten, Starboard Aft==
=Five Minutes Later=

Arthur arrived outside his assigned room and was surprised when the doors opened to admit him. The Chief must have input basic functions to his Comm. Badge, he thought. He stepped into what would become his new home and looked around. The first thing that caught his eye was the red glow that seemed to emanate and invade everything in the room. He tracked his eyes about the area and they came to rest on the view ports at the far end of the room. There, seemingly close enough to touch was the starboard nacelle. So much for the view, he thought to himself, as he took a step further into the room.

There was a double bunk bed in the room, as he had expected, meaning that he'd have a roommate. He'd had several at the Academy and been able to get along with most of them, so this was not an issue. What was an issue, however, was that his new roommate appeared to be a neat freak. Everything in the room was in an almost perfect order and he couldn't even tell which one was the open bunk. He shrugged his shoulders and tossed his duffel onto a small table. A plush beige colored chair seemed to be calling his name and within minutes he was fast asleep and snoring.


ENS Arthur V. Wayne
USS Swiftsure

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