Joint Mission : Terror on Terra

USS Swiftsure


Outer Perseus Operation: The USS Swiftsure strikes one for the Alliance at the Battle of United Terra.

We left the USS Swiftsure warp-less, towed back to the wormhole by a mysterious alien ship called Wallibi Maku. What happened between this last report and the news reaching us today is nothing short of Outer Perseus history in the making. While underway for much needed repairs and, the Swiftsure crew was called upon to join the Carrier Group One at United Terra in Outer Perseus.

The summit for the Outer Perseus Alliance of Planets

There was held a determining summit between the K’tan Empire, the Heropu, the Delusian Empire and the reformed Xins. The order of the day was to debate the formation of an interstellar Alliance in order to face the powerful, belligerent Kells with a common front.

With diplomatic assistance from the Federation to guide the debates, the summit started only to be marred by a series of terrorist attacks. In a surprise move, the Merid People better known for their neutral stance asked to join the forming Alliance.

The bid of United Terra’s President DeVasquez to have the beleaguered planet and 10 000 survivors not only join but host the Alliance Headquarters was just as unexpected. The complete success of the summit was certainly reason enough for the Kells to intervene on its closing day.

The Battle of United Terra

As a powerful Kell battle cruiser was discovered heading for the planet, undaunted by the sizeable opposition that would met it there, their hidden base on United Terra deployed its ground troops for a sweeping assault against the ceremony attendees and Federation security forces.

Commodore Christopher led the counter attack on the ground leaving the C.O. of the USS Swiftsure in charge of space defence. After an exemplary fighter deployment from the Carrier Group, it appeared that if the Kells were outnumbered, their superior shielding technology and powerful tactical weapons more than justified their winning confidence. This until Commodore Paula Chapman-Star; a former elite pilote in the Dominion War, directed all ships in an hitherto untested “blast them all” maneuver.

The resulting micro-anomaly forming directly in the path of the Kell behemoth dealt the one blow they couldn’t take, leading to their complete destruction as the phenom
ena collapsed.

USS Swiftsure at the Battle of United Terra

USS Swiftsure - NCC 26543



Physicists at Starfleet Headquarters frown heavily at the process which is, by all accounts, not to be used lightly or as a standard procedure. As a Tactical officer was heard to quip in its hallways “someone’s been keeping up with their technical reading”. Rumour has it that the Chapman maneuver wrote a page in the book of 25th century tactical weapons. The more final blow of all however may well be the one the Kells brought upon themselves. The direct confrontation all but reinforced the determination of the six governments to ratify the Alliance treaty.

Eilathan Ffinch reporting from the Perseus wormhole, Starbase Dalan, Alpha Quadrant - Federation News Network (FNN)


Vermillion Sky

Schematics for the Perseus Complex
to be named Starbase Perseus
upon completion


- Captain's Log -

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This joint mission with the USS Poseidon was followed by a joint shoreleave at the Perseus Complex and on Merid.
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