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Nin Yen KeAlan AlleynKe'nar'ekSobel

Commander Nin Yen Ke (CO)

Species: Sheem
Gender: Female
Age: Early thirties
Height: 1m77
Weight: 77 kg
Skin: Caramel tan with reddish undertones.
Eyes: Large bronze green irises, dark grey and oval pupils.

Hair: Dark copper, each hair almost a quarter of an inch thick and moving with a life of their own (much like a Gorgona's). Held back by a bandana. It can't be cut at all and can't be tied without severe headaches. Shoulder length.

Miscellaneous: Grey nails, very short horns mostly hidden by her hair. Good nocturnal eyesight. Semi-oviparian.

Marital status: married to Sir Alan Alleyn. Adoptive mother of a Trill child

General Profile
Nin Yen Ke's particular set of differences from the basic human pattern is noticeable but harmonious. Her ears are slightly bigger than the human model but thin and very close to her skull. No body hair except for her skull (eyebrows made of minuscule scales, also bordering eyelids). A light pattern of scales goes from her neck down her back. The eyes are almond-shaped, the tip of the nose is rather flat. With her contralto voice comes a deep laugh, performed with head thrown back. This and the Sheem "smile of death" are the only circumstances in which a Sheem should show their teeth (canines slightly longer, sharp incisors).

Sheems are somewhat hedonistic and fastidious about body care. Body painting and tattoos, unless executed by a renown artist, are second best to skin-embedded jewelry and decoration. As a concession to Starfleet regulations, Nin's only visible jewelry is a set of small stones encrusted in her skull (following the line of her ears) but mostly hidden by her bandana. The right side is for cast and birth, the left side for personal beliefs, history and marital status.

Sheems used to live below the surface of the ground. They eventually turned to the exploitation and colonization of the inhospitable surface very much like other worlds start exploring neighbouring moons, by building environmental domes that came to shelter cities and cultural infrastructures. Consequently, most of the problems linked with space exploration were already known and solved by the time they set to travel beyond their own planet. As a result of their evolution Sheems have agoraphobic traits fed by a number of legends and tales about the dangers lurking at the surface of worlds.

A strong system of casts endured until very late in their history, as did death penalty. As for cannibalism, ever-present in their early civilizations, it subsided into ritualistic cannibalism and was still occasionally performed when Sheem applied for Federation membership. This, as well as discrimination based on birth cast and inequitable treatment for married males, remains the subject of endless and heated debates among Sheems as their Government strives to compromise with Federation guidelines and requirements.

Personal History summary
Nin Yen Ke grew up on a world full of prejudices not only towards men but also towards inferior casts. A Three-Name Sheem, she had to fight for recognition and when this didn't come, she took her life in her own hands and decided to join Starfleet. The Academy and her first assignments (among which the USS Protostar) were one long painful apprenticeship. For several years, she strove to find her place among the Federation community and its lifestyle without losing her own values. The choice had to be made when Nin Yen Ke discovered, during a shoreleave on a Federation world, that a Five Name Family, the highest cast on Sheem, kept in use old customs to hold Nameless servants in a state of slavery.

Though outcasting is supposedly no longer in use, her actions and testimony made her a virtual outcast among Sheems. Living in disgrace, Nin Yen Ke is keeping her chin high and bidding her time until she can create her own Clan, a feat not accomplished since Naan the Builder showed the way to the inhospitable surface and built the first dome there, claiming new territory.

It was in these circumstances that she met the Human called Sir Alan Alleyn. He became her First Husband and together they adopted a Trill child. Their daughter is named Shoyah Dar Yen Ke Alleyn (aged 7 as of 2384). Lt Commander Laura Rivers, her former superior officer at the San Francisco shipyards, has become a family friend and served as witness to their wedding ceremony.

Career summary
Nin Yen Ke served on a variety of assignments. First an Engineering Officer with the SFCE, she transferred as Operations Officer then Chief Operations Officer (USS Protostar) before getting an assignment to the San Francisco Shipyards, where she remained several years.


Sir Alan Alleyn

Name: Alan Alistair Alleyn
Age: Early forties
Species: Human
P.O.B: Earth, GB
Position: Federation Diplomat assigned to the Outer Perseus Operation (Perseus Complex)
Eyes: piers (one blue, one green)
Hair: sandy

General description

His piers eyes and rock solid calm are the only ways he would stand out in a crowd. His slight build, sandy complexion and his demeanour often made him seem like a self-effacing man. Alleyn once worked as investigator employed by the Bureau for Sentient Being Rights.

Unbeknownst to most people, he is after Commodore Christopher the most important figure behind the organization of the summit that brought upon the Outer Perseus Alliance.

MCPO Ke'nar'ek

Position: Construction Master Chief
Race / Gender: Amerindian Male
Place of Birth: Miramanee's Settlement, Mira (Restricted Planet)
Date of Birth: 2334

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 195 Lbs
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Dark Brown
Markings: Tribal Tattoo of crescent moon around outside of left eye, plasma burn scar on right arm from elbow to fingers

Likes: Tinkering, Reading (anything)
Dislikes: Weapons, People eager to fight
Strengths: Innate sense of direction, Inventing/improving designs
Weaknesses: Due to his heritage he is often viewed with curiosity by others, he refuses to speak of his people.
Abilities: Low-tech survival skills, Crafting/playing simple musical instruments (drum, flute/pipes)
Interests: Gardening, Collecting any Maps & Charts (planets, star charts, etc.)
Ambitions: To welcome his people into the Federation.
Motto: "It is happier to save life than to allow it to perish, nobler to rescue from distress than to abandon others to their fate."
- (Richard Bach, "Curious Lives")

Status: Single
** Ke'nar'ek is exiled from his family and tribe on Mira
Father: Ak'kar'ek (status unknown)
Mother: Mara'lani (status unknown)
Relatives: Many among his tribe, the People of Mira

Ke'nar'ek received his education on Miramanee, consisting primarily in tribal ways; rituals, stories, hunting, and planting. When Ke'nar'ek was 8 a Starfleet vessel accidentally crashed near his village, he was near the site and was one of the first to arrive at the site. Seeing a pulsing glowing light he reached for it and received a severe plasma burn on his right arm from his elbow to fingers. He recovered with the assistance of a Starfleet officer who survived the crash, but it left him with many unanswered questions when the survivors departed. Ke'nar'ek began a search for answers and studied any books and papers he could get. He developed primitive flying machines, and mechanical tools. His tribal leaders tried many times to prevent his attempts to alter traditional ways, but he persisted.

At the age of 16 he located a piece of the Starfleet ship that had crashed 8 years before. He hid it and began to perform tests on the metal, and after working for 2 years he found a substance on the planet that, when refined, resembles the metal from the ship. He began to make tools from the new metal for his people. The tribal leaders again stopped his activity, and now since he was of age, they brought him before the council. He was ordered to follow the traditions of his people and stop going against the old ways, but he refused. The council had no choice but to exile him from the tribe.

He packed up his belongings and left to seek his future. After several months he observed an odd light from the sky strike the surface. Supposing it to be a meteor, he went to investigate and take samples. When he arrived at the site he was surprised to find numerous people in odd clothing busily working. He crept nearer but set off a proximity alarm and the people quickly vanished in a blue light. He called after them pleading for answers to his search for truth, but there was no reply. He began to investigate the site, and found many alien tools and devices which he began to collect and study.

When items began to disappear from his campsite he began to suspect that the people were returning as he slept to retrieve their tools. He set a trap for them and late one night captured one of them. The alien removed his cloak-suit and spoke to Ke'nar'ek, saying they were friendly visitors who had been observing his planet for centuries. The alien answered many of his questions, then after contacting his ship in orbit agreed to allow Ke'nar'ek asylum.

They took him to Vulcan where he began his advanced studies in engineering, and helped him fit in to Federation life. When his studies were complete he joined Starfleet as a non-commissioned officer. After several years of service he retired to Deridous IV to manage a Music Store for an old friend he knew from his years on Vulcan.

In late 2384 he was recalled by Starfleet as an emergency to expedite the construction of the Perseus Complex.

Cultural background
The Amerindian race was first contacted by the USS Enterprise in the 2260's. The inhibitants opted to remain isolated and as a response the Federation imposed restriction law number 976 Alpha/Gamma which prohibits contact or study except by remote/covert (cloaked) methods. The Amerindian race has been left to their own development.

2334 - Birth
2342 - Received plasma burn on right arm
2352 - Exiled from his tribe
2353 - Granted asylum, traveled to Vulcan, began studying Engineering
2354 - CR Enlisted in Star Fleet as a Non-Commissioned Officer
2355 - CA Assigned as Technician at Shuvinjaalis Warp Technologies, Vulcan
2356 - CMn-PO3 Assigned as Warp Specialist at San Francisco shipyards, Earth
2358 - PO2 Warp Specialist, Galaxy Class Project, Utopia Planetia shipyards, Mars
2361 - PO1 Structural Engineer, Paine Class Project, Utopia Planetia shipyards, Mars
2365 - CPO Structural Specialist, Norway Class Project, Utopia Planetia shipyards, Mars
2369 - SCPO Engineer's Mate, McKinley Station, Earth
2370 - SCPO Construction Master Chief, Starbase Tango (overseeing final stages of base construction)
2373 - MCPO Quartermaster, Starbase Tango, Alcyone system
2380 - Retired from Star Fleet to Deridous IV Colony
2384 - Survived the distruction of Deridous IV, resettled on New Deridous
2384 - MCPO Recalled to Star Fleet as Construction Chief of the Perseus Complex

Medical Report
Refused dermal regeneration of old scar from plasma burn. Numerous history of broken bones and soft tissue damage from Engineering mishaps, fully healed. Age has somewhat diminished his agility, but he is fit for duty.
-Capt. R.S. Crispus M.D., Star Fleet Medical. June 2380 (4 months prior to retirement)

Psychological Report
Suffered from cultural shock in youth after discovering highly advanced technology, adapted to new life with help from Vulcans. Refuses to speak about his tribe and past life on Mira, in time he may open up. Harbors some mistrust of Security & Marine Officers, possibly due to influence from Vulcan pacifism.
Lt. Commander A.M. Brand, Counselor, Star Fleet Medical. June 2380 (4 months prior to retirement)



Name: Sobel
Race: Vulcan
Gender: Male
Age: 122
Date of Birth: July 24, 2263
Place of Birth: Tycho City, Deneva Colony
Assignment: Vulcan Science Institute, Department of Stellar Cartography
Rank: Civilian (Retired Commodore)
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 140 Lbs
Hair color: Black, but greying at the sides
Eye color: Grey
Marital status: Single (widowed)
General apperance: Gracefully aging Vulcan

Spouse: T'sham - (deceased)
Son: Sudak (48) - Finishing Kohlinar training
Daughter: T'para (41) - Historian at Memory Alpha

Likes: Studying star charts, repairing computer systems, discussing either with anyone.
Dislikes: Weapons and violence of any kind.
Strengths: Computer Science and Astrometrics, Record keeping.
Limitations: Will refuse to hold a weapon even if his life depends on it.
Special abilities: Vulcan nerve pinch, mind meld.
Talents: Increased strength, hearing and endurance typical of Vulcans. Can play the Vulcan Lyre and related instruments.
Ambitions: To develop an artificial stable wormhole.
Quirks: Able to state distance to any Federation system if current location is within Federation Space. If location is outside the UFP Sobel can study star patterns and determine precise location within 5 LY.
Hobbies/interests: Collects old maps, star charts, navigation tools/artifacts, and stringed musical instruments.
Languages: Vulcan, Terran, Cardassian, Klingon, Romulan

Pre-Starfleet 2267-2280: Deneva Colony School
2274-2280: Project Genesis - Science Intern
2280-2286: Daystrom Institute - Computer Specialist
2286-2292: Vulcan Science Institute - Astrometrics Researcher
2292-2296: Kolinahr Training

Starfleet Record
2296-2300: Starfleet Academy - Science Cadet

2300-2304: Stellar Cartographer - SB 400 - Ensign
2304-2309: Stellar Cartographer - SB 400 - Lt. JG
2309-2315: Astrometrics Dept. Head - SB 400 - Lieutenant
2315-2320: Chief of Science - SB 400 - Lt. Commander
2320-2336: 1st Officer - USS Nova, Constellation Class - Commander
2336-2350: Commander - USS Faulkner, Clarke Class - Captain
2350-2370: Astrometrics Instructor - Starfleet Academy - Captain
2370-2379: Science Dept. Chair - Starfleet Academy - Captain
2379-2380: Base/Sector Commander - Starbase Tango/Pleiades - Commodore
2380: Retired from Starfleet

Personal History
In 2261 the Deneva colony was extinguished by an infestation of flying parasites. The USS Enterprise under command of Capt. Kirk eliminated the parasites, and Starfleet teams were sent to ensure that no trace of the infestation remained. In 2262 Colonists were allowed to return to the system, and the Deneva Colony was reborn. Sobel was born to the new Colony Governor, Subay and his spouse T'ran.

In 2274, a new research lab is established on Deneva, and an 11 year old Sobel is accepted as an intern during his school studies. Over the next 10 years the lab developed what became the Genesis Project, but Sobel left the Colony for the Daystrom Institute in 2280 - 6 years before the project was relocated to Regula 1.

At the Daystrom Institute Sobel specialized in Computer Design. He graduated with a Masters degree in 2286 and continued his education at the Vulcan Science Institute studying Astrometrics. He applied his knowledge of computers to the field and helped to develop what would become stellar cartographic labs which became standard features on Federation ships in the late 2300's. Sobel graduated in 2292 with a 2nd Masters in Astrometrics, then underwent the Kolinahr. After 4 years on Vulcan he succssfully
completed the purging of emotions and joined Starfleet.

Following his 4 years at the academy, his first assignment was to Starbase 400 near the Deneva Colony to create a full study and chart of Murasaki 312 discovered by the shuttle Galileo in 2260. He remained at Starbase 400 for the next 20 years in various research projects, rising to the rank of Lt. Commander.

After completing training as a Bridge Commander he was accepted as 1st Officer on the newly commissioned USS Nova. The Nova's mission was primarily charting the ever growing Federation rimward border. After 16 years as 1st officer Sobel was given his own command. The USS Faulkner, an old Gagarian design refit as a Clark Class courier. For the next 14 years the Faulkner transported ambassadors and dignitaries for diplomatic negotiations and meetings. During the 1st Cardassian War the Faulkner made
several trips to Cardassian space for talks. Sobel found discussions with the Ambassadors very insightful, though a peculiar Trill named Dax proved very curious.

When the Faulkner was recalled for refit he was nearing 90, and had spent much time away from his family so he transferred to Starfleet Academy to teach. After the Dominion War ended, Sobel was again transferred to the Pleiades Cluster as Sector Commander at Starbase Tango, but within a year his wife died in an accident on Vulcan.

With such a life-changing event Sobel retired from Starfleet and returned to Vulcan. It took several months to adjust to living without the
telepathic link to his mate and move on. He took a position at the Vulcan Science Institute within the Stellar Cartography department. When learning about the new base established in the Outer Perseus arm, Sobel submitted a proposal to chart the stars in the area, and study the intergalactic void from the outer rim. The Institute accepted the propsal and Sobel was given approval for his study.



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